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20+ Years generating online sales & leads for Retail, Mortgages, Real Estate &  Amazon Sellers!

Combined team of experts help set systems in place one at a time for continued growth & scaling

Conversion Study Lead Generation for Real Estate
Steffan Redhawk Founder & CEO Conversion Study
'To my surprise, the blue print worked flawlessly and the company continues to grow to this day. - I really didn't expect it to work right out of the gate, I figured there would be more issues starting off than there were, it wasn't until we hit 7 figures that we really saw resistance.'

Conversion Study

How It Began

After 20 years in the Digital Marketing Space the one thing I’ve learned time and time again is that there is no substitute or shortcut for hard work.

The Journey to Success On Amazon was not expected…

After starting and running several successful companies based on a single concept “Follow the money” – We were able to create a blue print for marketing that we used to generate leads in real estate for a large 3rd party company for several years.

We used the same process to generate over 13,000 leads in 3 years for the nations (at the time) largest mortgage lenders.

This blue print is based on years of Focus Group studies – We found out how to appeal almost flawlessly to each and every individualized market, advertising purely locally.

In 2015 I was approached to use this process on Amazon.

To my surprise, the blue print worked flawlessly and the company continues to grow to this day. – I really didn’t expect it to work right out of the gate, I figured there would be more issues starting off than there were, it wasn’t until we hit 7 figures that we really saw resistance.

Based on that success I founded Conversion Study with some of the best and brightest experts in several key growth based areas:

Project Management
Customer Avatar Research
Customer Conversion Language
Premium Image Design
Off Amazon Lead Generation
Off Amazon Sales Ranking
Amazon SEO
Amazon PPC
Off Amazon PPC (Facebook, Google, Bing & More!)


Director of Business Development

Tanya Cisneros

I am an old mother Hubbard, having my one and only daughter at the age of 41. Now being 43, I have an almost 3 year old and she is my

I live in Michigan and share a home with my mom, husband, daughter, 3 dogs and 1 cat. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management and a Master’s Degree in Public Administration.

I have owned 2 service based companies and I have been selling on Amazon
since 2016.

My passion’s are my family, swimming and helping people who suffer from thyroid cancer or underactive thyroids, to teach them how to rid
hypothyroid symptoms to have an amazing quality of life!

Tanya Cisneros Product Director - Conversion Study
Brian Angupazu Director of Research - Conversion Study
'As Director of Content its my primary responsibility to make sure our team knows exactly who your customer is, what music they listen to, who they listen to, or what they do in their free time, your customer is important, and its important our team know them inside & out, this makes conversions, and overall sales better'


Director of Research

Brian Angupazu

Content Development for your Ecommerce listings is way more important than you might realize!

We’ve spent years honing in just the right process to nail down the customer avatar to create listings that actually make money, time and time again!

After years of studying the power of influence, persuasion, and how to pinpoint an avatar, it was only natural that we would refer to Brian’s expertise!

Brian is the Director of our research team which helps lead the content for each individual product.

This process is an integral part of increasing conversions and maximizing retargeting efforts – It also lays the ground work for our SEO & PPC Efforts on your account.

My name is Brian Angupazu. I’m probably not what you expect, which is good. Because you don’t want mediocrity in your marketing, do you? 

‘See that photo on the left? That’s me. And that’s exactly how I’ll look when we meet in person.

I’m much more “guy you’re hanging out with at the bbq” than I am button-up boardroom guy (even though I do have an excellent business and marketing mind.) ‘

Mary brings a natural talent for bringing your avatars desires into images!
Mary Grace Felisilda Director of Design - Conversion Study
'Loyalty, Dedication, Family, Passion... Some things in life motivate us, I like to think its the art departments responsibility to bring those things to light in all of our images'


Director Of Design

Mary Grace Felisilda

When it comes to Amazon Image Optimization we sought out and developed our methods over a series of several different methods:

Listing Backgrounds
Image Order
Eye Trail
Multi Variant Color Options
EBC Color Backgrounds
EBC Mobile Optimization
Image Mobile Optimization

So it was no surprise to anyone when Mary Grace Felisilda accepted the position as Director of Design with Conversion Study – We wanted to work with only the best in the field, and her designs have consistently shown improved conversions! Setting the systems in place moving forward, Mary will ensure that your artists produce the best material time and time again!


Project Manager

Noelle Redhawk

Amazon Project Management requires a delicate balance of research, sales, persuasion and of course, follow up!

Making sure all those things are done in time, on schedule, and in sync is one of the key roles within any well organized machine.

Noelle oversees all content development for our clients individual accounts & helps make sure you are publishing on all mediums your target audience is frequenting!

'I think its absolutely amazing how much information just a few hours worth of research can actually reveal to us about our target customers, and how to make them happier to spend more money with us!'
Noelle Redhawk Amazon Project Manager
Noelle Redhawk - Conversion Study Project Manager
Mustafa Cengiztekin - Amazon PPC


Amazon PPC

Mustafa Cengiztekin

After 15 years in the sales and marketing area in different companies, I established my third company on e-commerce area. I make sales as private label business model on Amazon.com.
I mainly focus on PPC and Amazon Ads which is the backbone of Amazon sales. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Economics so your PPC campaigns are in good hands with Conversion Study

I love video games, fishing and nature.
Self improvement is my passion in life. I always try to keep myself updated and motivated.


Admin and Technical Support

Jerico Reyes

Hello, my name is Jerico, and I’m your timely, exact, and knowledgeable Virtual Admin Support.

My mission is to help company owners solve difficulties, save time, money, and concentrate, and have more fun in life.

I handle administrative requests and inquiries. Organize and schedule appointments, etc.

I am the one that assists you in making your life easy and keeping your business functioning smoothly.

I’m a cool person that enjoys hanging out, traveling, and going on adventures.

Jerico reyes
Jerico Reyes - Admin and Technical Support
Kelton Baker - Director of Facebook Marketing


Director of Facebook Marketing

Kelton Baker

Using the same language for conversions that we do in your Ecommerce Listings Kelton’s Teams use gathered customer emails to build look a like lists to target your products directly to on Facebook!

'We use Data Driven Analytics to Drive your ROI's higher each month with a primary goal on long term subscriptions, we all know the money is in the recurring dollar!'


Lead Generation

Glopher Meneses

Hi! I’m Glopher Meneses, I am a passionate Virtual Assistance.
I am hardworking and self-motivated.I work with honesty, sincerity and professionalism.

my mission is to take businesses to the next level by increasing profits and
Provide affordable yet quality professional services.

A big part of the job description for a virtual assistant is to understand what makes each client tick.
And it’s not just about knowing who they are,but also knowing what makes them feel good about themselves too.

and always remember that “A smart plan today can save you from unnecessary stress tomorrow”.

Glopher Meneses - Lead Generation