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Ranking your products on Amazon –

Everyone wants to know how to get to the first page, and how to do it effectively.

Ultimately Most people starting off want to rank organically without spending a TON of money.

I’ve been selling on amazon for over 5 years, and for the past 2 I’ve used the exact same process on each and every product.

Here we highlight a product that I’ve been able to secure 21 amazon choice tags for, and it has a monthly search volume of 14,191 (In the top 10)

As you can imagine, having those amazon choice tags, significantly help your conversions, especially when this used to be an under performing product!

The Amazon Listing Optimization Guide will walk you through the process of making your products more appealing to the consumers who are purchasing them!

How do you get a product to rank exactly like this?

As you can imagine today our sales are better than yesterday, and so on and so forth.

How can you get these numbers….

There is a link above that will show you how to rank for the keywords you want, and then just after that you’ll have the chance to join our challenge to get your products ranked!

Together we’ll do 4 different products together, and we’ll get them ranked on amazon, increase their sales, and turn them into huge keyword magnets!

This process works on all products – Not just new, not just old, but any age of products!

Could you imagine your product with 22 amazon choice tags?

I couldn’t either!

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Listing Optimization Guide

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