You can order products from Amazon using Alexa voice assistant by saying, “Alexa, order product’s name from Amazon.” You don’t need to go on the website to search and buy products.

If you are a seller on Amazon, you want your product to be listed in Alexa voice search results because it means your products will be sold more.

In this blog post, we will discuss how you can rank your product in Alexa voice search results and do Amazon Alexa SEO.

What is Amazon Alexa SEO?

Amazon Alexa SEO is optimizing your product listing for voice searches.

If you are a seller on Amazon, then you definitely want your products to be shown in the top results of Amazon Alexa as it means that people will see and buy them. However, when it comes to voice search, the fastest way is to ask Alexa.

How to rank your product in Alexa voice search results?

To rank your product in Alexa voice search results, you need to provide the following parameters:

  • Product Title – what should customers say to find your product?
  • Product description – are there any alternate search terms used for your products?
  • Images and videos – what will customers see?
  • Price point and shipping options – are they competitive enough to be shown on top of the page?
  • Keywords that describe the products (you can also use keyword variations).

For keywords, we recommend using or Ubersuggest. You can look for popular keywords related to your product then optimize those words in all the sections mentioned above. Please do this before publishing a new listing. Do not add more than 100 words for each product description.

If you have already published your product listing, you need to optimize it for voice search by adding keywords in the Product Title and Description sections.

Regional and International Keywords

When you are looking for popular keyword variations, make sure that they match the location of your product. For example, if we selling jackets on Amazon from the US, we want our customers to find us using keywords like “parka jacket US size” or “winter parka men size large in US”.

If your product is for international customers, you may optimize it using “international” keywords.

In the case of Amazon Alexa SEO, local and international keywords are used.

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How to find popular voice search terms?

You can use Amazon Alexa skills related to your business to find popular voice searches, or you can go yourself on the Echo Show, where every image is a clickable link.

Just say, “show me amazon fire stick,” If Fire Stick is selling well, it will show up in the result. You can do this for any product category you are interested in. If there is no specific skill for your category, then look at other categories or visit products using Amazon Echo Show directly.

Voice search terms often start with: what, how, who, when, which, why.

When people speak, they pronounce those words easier than other words. This is advantageous for voice search optimization because you know what they will say before starting the exact phrase.

You need to optimize your product listings using popular voice search terms, and you will see sales grow.

You can use this Amazon Alexa SEO strategy on Google Home and any other smart speaker with a digital assistant to order products from online stores by just voice command.

How many times should I enter my keywords?

We mustn’t overdo it as these systems understand natural language. Ideally, one keyword per paragraph is enough for each product. There is no need to repeat keywords over and over again.

How do I know if my Alexa SEO efforts worked?

First off, you will see ranking improvements in Alexa Voice Search results within a week or two after initial optimization (depending on existing traffic). This gives an idea of what popular keywords are related to your products to further improve your listing by adding those terms and phrases in the product descriptions.

The best way to track these changes is by using Search Console or Marketing platforms like SEMRush. Another option is to create a Google Alert for your brand name and monitor how often it’s mentioned online, on social media sites, or in videos (Youtube, Vimeo ).


Amazon Alexa is not the future, but it’s the present reality: companies use it to improve their online traffic and sales. Alexa SEO is one of many ways you can benefit from it.

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