If you sell on Amazon or happen to optimize Amazon PPC but haven’t heard of the newest Amazon policy: “Amazon Budget Rule”, this could be the ultimate prize for Amazon sellers.

One aspect of Amazon advertising that potentially boggles sellers, is campaigns running out of budget.

However, these new Amazon Budget Rules might just be the game-changers advertisers have been waiting for to properly automate ads with less hassle.

This is because, throughout this year, Amazon has been making leaps and bounds when it comes to its targeting dynamics and retargeting abilities.

We honestly thought that those advancements for this year were great! But no, this week we were surprised by two new huge abilities in the backend:

1. The Amazon Budget Rule

Companies have been able to really hone in their campaigns and pinpoint where their best-converting customers are, and what locations they shop as well as even providing access to your full demographic avatar.

The Budget Rule possesses a power-key potential that allows advertisers to set budgets for every campaign in advance.

amazon budget rules

With this new policy update, you can now set a campaign to only operate and target within a certain advertising cost of sale (ACOS), automatically!

What exactly does this mean?

  • You can set your auto campaigns with a much higher bid, knowing that amazon will adjust their targeting metrics to help you hone in your best-converting keywords.
  • Collect data 3x faster on new product launches
  • You can completely dominate your branded keywords and make sure that your audience only sees the ad you want for the keywords you select. 

All of this is huge because it saves you from all the hassle of manually tuning the budgets.

2. New Bidding Option

Traditionally, bidding on the largest marketplace in the world has been very broad and tedious.

You could place your bids up and down a bit, but unless your ads were 100% optimized for CTR’s and Conversions, it was a nightmare trying to rank for the keywords you really converted on (Or hired a few Amazon PPC experts)

understanding amazon budget rules

With the new bidding option, we now have the ability to optimize for page visits, receive a higher click-through rate (CTR) more than we could traditionally, by simply paying a few cents more per click.

For any high converting product, (anything over 23%) that has a low CTR (anything under 4%), this new bidding option setting can be the ultimate prize for your entire business model and ultimately put so much money in your pocket at the end of the day.


We encourage you to explore these new options on your campaigns with a proper setup and a watchful eye.

They should be able to outperform most of your previous PPC attempts.

If you want to expand your Amazon profits rapidly or you feel you need help getting through this new Budget Rule setup, feel free to book an appointment with one of our specialists by calling us at 1+ (720) 378-8823

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