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Amazon Marketplace SEO is a term that has been gaining traction in the digital world. The marketplace is now one of the most popular ways to buy and sell goods online, with Amazon being the largest retailer on earth and second only to Alibaba in terms of sales volume.

The rise of this marketplace has led many sellers to question how they can optimize their listings for search engine visibility and improve their conversion rates through more effective marketing campaigns.

This article will walk you through some key strategies for achieving these goals using Amazon Marketplace SEO.

What is Amazon Marketplace SEO?

Amazon Marketplace SEO is the process of achieving better rankings on the Amazon platform. This encompasses your own listings and those that belong to the brands you are selling, and those from your competitors.

Any product listing on Amazon can be optimized in this manner, whether it is a detail page, search results, or category landing pages.

Are Amazon SEO and Amazon Marketplace SEO Different?

Technically, yes. In reality, however, there is very little difference between the two.

Amazon SEO and Amazon Marketplace SEO are designed to focus on the same things: increasing rankings for your product pages in search results, increasing conversion rates through optimized landing pages and listings and utilizing buy box strategies that help you rank higher than your competitors.

Although it can be tempting to treat these as separate entities (and both approaches have merit), all of these actions will ultimately affect your product ranking on Amazon as well as the overall conversion rate traffic you receive from this marketplace.

As a result, it makes sense to design a strategy that includes both elements to work toward a common goal. Which approach you take will depend largely on the needs of your business.

Why Does Amazon Marketplace SEO Matter?

Amazon is now the most popular marketplace on earth. Around 43% of all online product searches begin with this platform, and it receives more than 162 million unique visitors every month.

If you are selling on Amazon as an individual seller or merchant (as opposed to using FBA), you need to know how to optimize your listings for visibility and conversions to take full advantage of these numbers.

In addition, because marketplace sales are shared between the retailer and third-party sellers, focusing on improving your conversion rates can significantly impact net profits. Finally, if you are looking for new ways to market your products or increase brand exposure through marketing campaigns that reach a highly targeted audience, Amazon is an ideal channel.

5 SEO Tips for Amazon Marketplace SEO

Optimizing your product listing is the first step for any seller looking to improve their Amazon visibility. These are some of the most important strategies that you should focus on if you want to optimize your presence in this marketplace:

1. Create unique and optimized titles and descriptions for each listing

The title, description, and headline of a product detail page play a significant role in determining how well it will rank when searching for specific terms.

In fact, these elements can account for up to 85% of all factors used by Amazon’s algorithm when determining which products show up at the top.

As an individual seller or merchant, your goal with every new product launch should be to create a winning combination that helps you remain at the top of search results.

2. Optimize your product images

Images are arguably the most important part of any Amazon listing, as they can enhance click-through rates and improve conversion rates by a significant margin. One recent study even found that adding images to product listings can increase conversion rates by 80%.

Oftentimes, simply including an image will significantly boost your chances of ranking well in search results because products with pictures always outrank those without (even if the other item is more relevant).

3. Add accurate and detailed descriptions to each listing

The description section gives you the chance to expand on what potential buyers might find when viewing your product listing. This is also where you can offer specific details that will help a customer make a final purchasing decision.

A concise and compelling description can be the difference between success or failure, especially for more expensive products or those with a wide range of features. So here are some additional details you should include in your Amazon listing:

4. Include precise product information (such as dimensions)

Accuracy counts when it comes to reviews, and providing detailed descriptions is one way to ensure that buyers aren’t disappointed when they receive their shipments.

Product measurements and other specifications can also be used to outrank competitors by including keywords that match up with search queries someone might use if they were looking for products similar to yours.

5. Don’t forget about content marketing!

As mentioned above, Amazon is becoming a major player in the eCommerce world. If you are launching a new product, you must leverage this platform to reach as many potential customers as possible.

One of the most effective ways to do so is by taking advantage of free promotions available through Sponsored Products.

Sponsored Products allow sellers to boost their sales by reaching new audiences through highly targeted ads placed on relevant pages.

For more tips, you can check out: Top 10 Amazon SEO Best Practices


Amazon is a powerful eCommerce channel with millions of buyers, and optimizing your product listings for this marketplace can help you reach vast numbers of potential customers.

The tips outlined above are a great starting point to improve your conversion rates and net profits. Take the time to carry out these strategic approaches, optimize each of your product pages, and watch as your sales continue to grow.

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