Amazon PPC Ads

How Amazon PPC Ads Drive Amazon Sales 

Amazon PPC ads are very essential for the growth and sales of an online store. 

So these ad campaigns can lift your rate of conversion meaning more money in your pocket. 

Nonetheless, if this is not used well, there will not be the results we want. 

You have to play the same as your competition in order to reap returns like them or better than them. 

What Are Amazon PPC Ads That Drive Sales? 

An amazon PPC ad is one that is created to run on Amazon to market or advertise a product. 

This ad works in a way of Pay-Per-Click meaning that the vendor pays after the ad gets clicked on. 

So basically this ad puts your products into the market to bargain for market share. 

Why Do Amazon PPC Ads  Drive Amazon Sales? 

Therefore this campaign will increase the chance of your product getting seen on the search results page of a given category. 

Let’s say you go to and type in leggings, 

So the images of leggings that are first displayed will display on a search results page. 

Amazon PPC Ads

How Do Amazon PPC Ads Drive Amazon Sales? 

For Amazon PPC ads, payment for the ad campaign is made after the ad has been clicked on. 

However, these ads put your product out there increasing the chances of being seen and clicked on by potential buyers. 

If you run successful campaigns you will find your product displayed among the first products displayed after a search. 


Amazon PPC ads are a strong statement of intent by any vendor, 

However, they are vastly miss understood by many. 

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