Amazon PPC Strategy

Through Amazon PPC Strategy, brands, agencies, and third-party sellers can target specific keywords to create advertisements for their products, 

Amazon Pay-per-Click (PPC) advertising is part of Amazon’s internal advertising system. 

And these appear in Amazon’s search results and competitor product listings. 

It’s a highly effective marketing technique that three out of four Amazon sellers of all types and sizes utilize.

What is Amazon PPC?

Amazon PPC is the advertising platform Amazon makes available to its third-party sellers. 

That way, sellers can present Amazon customers who are ready to make a purchase with relevant products at the point of sale

Then measure their ads’ performance to identify which specific ads are driving conversions. 

It allows sellers to create ad campaigns for their products. And then charges them each time a potential customer clicks and views their ad.

Before we get into the details of PPC though, It’s important to understand Amazon’s key PPC metrics. 

This Is How Amazon Describes Each One:

  • Advertising Cost of Sales (ACoS): The percent of attributed sales spent on advertising. 
  • Attributed Sales: The total product sales generated within one week of clicks on your ads. 
  • Your sales data can take up to 48 hours to populate so, as a result, sales data is not available in the ‘Today’ date range and may be delayed to the ‘Yesterday’ date range. 
  • Impressions: The number of times your ads were displayed. 
  • Clicks: The number of times your ads were clicked. 

Why Is This PPC Strategy Important For Amazon Sellers?

As consumer shopping increasingly shifts online — and, overwhelmingly, to

E-commerce brands and sellers have immense opportunities to succeed. 

But with that influx of online retail traffic comes more competitors looking to capture the most sales. 

Having an effective PPC advertising strategy is all but essential for Amazon businesses of all sizes. 

This is important, advertisements help increase your reach on the platform.

How To Create An Amazon PPC Strategy

Here are the basic aspects of building a solid Amazon PPC management strategy: 

  1. Test out each type of PPC ad campaign, and play around with automatic and manual keyword targeting to see what’s best for your brand.
  2. Perform detailed keyword research using, focusing both on related keywords and competitor products.
  3. When starting, set daily budgets and default bids 50-100% higher than what Amazon recommends.
  4. Let ad campaigns run for at least two weeks before running reports and making adjustments.
  5. Use ad reports from your automatic campaigns to find keywords for your manual campaigns.
  6. Before adjusting or removing a keyword from a manual campaign, make sure the keyword gets at least 10 clicks.
  7. Continue reviewing your ad reports once a week, subtracting, adding, and adjusting keywords as needed.


Therefore Amazon’s PPC Strategy is very important to the growth of an online retail shop. 

There is no shortcut around this one it is better to talk to an expert for help if one feels confused.

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