Learning Amazon PPC Strategy 2021 & Optimizing your Amazon Ad Campaigns shouldn’t be such a nightmare! I’ve heard way more than one seller describe their experiences selling on amazon as being the same as a hurricane.

‘In the eye of a hurricane there’s a quiet, for just a moment… a yellow sky’

Amazon sellers who are seeing success have spent over 50% of their time managing their PPC accounts…

I’ve been there too, where I’m at a cross between optimization, product scouting, and expanding my reach…

….Then comes more amazon compliance issues..

Then something falls through with a supplier….

Take a step back from that storm.

History has an eye for you –

Its not JUST a line ripped from my favorite play, but in actuality, your entire PPC history is in your account – And can help you optimize your account moving forward 😃

I know the feeling…

Watching PPC Dollars and cents trickle out day by day..

..Knowing that if I just spent a little more time on it each week, I could do better.

Knowing if I had 3 more products just like it, they could all be doing better.

Then, like always, I realize I spent the entire week lamenting about how my PPC and products could be doing better, again.

That is what our Amazon PPC Strategy solves…

Not to mention putting more profits in your pockets 😀

Can you admit that your PPC needs help? Have you had some of the same issues? If so, here’s what I recommend:

Spend a short amount of time with us and use this plan today to make your Amazon PPC campaign come alive!

To watch the entire amazon PPC training & Check out our ‘box’ method click here: https://mailchi.mp/conversionstudy/amazon-pay-per-click

If you’d love to learn how to optimize your listing to help gain organic traffic click here: https://conversionstudy.com/amazon-advanced-listing-optimization-free-guide/

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