Amazon SEO is still a strong catalyst for a high conversion rate in 2022.

Some marketers argue that SEO takes up a whole lot of time.

This is true.

However, when SEO is done properly, it can contribute to lifetime profits.

I could die today and my SEO efforts will continue to effortlessly pile up money in my bank account without me physically doing any work anymore.

In this letter, we’ll learn how Amazon SEO contributes to a high conversion rate and why you probably need to implement it in your business.

What is Conversion Rate?

A conversion rate refers to the total number of customers that buy your products when they make that click and add to cart.

This is usually measured in percentages.

For example, Amazon Prime members have a conversion rate of 74% whereas non-prime members convert typically at 13%

Now, these numbers are considerably greater than the top 500 online merchants. 

No wonder Amazon is so successful. 

In other words, the reason their conversion rates are above the average is due to the profoundly consumer-centric convenience program such as Amazon Prime.

How Amazon SEO Contributes to the Conversion Rate

Amazon SEO is all about listing optimization.

This is a very high dependent factor.

It is very essential that you optimize your listings on a weekly basis.

This way, you can monitor keywords properly: how, when, and why the search trends for different keywords are increasing or decreasing such that you can make defining optimizations.

How to Optimize Listings

amazon seo vs conversion rate

Avatar Research

You might be the owner but not the buyer of your products.

Therefore as much as you have an idea of what your products are entailed to do, your customers are the raving fanatics and have a better picture than you do.

Researching and understanding your customer’s needs, pain points, problems, and complaints give you a better angle to market to them more effectively than your competition.

This is called problem-solution marketing. It works all the time.

Keyword Research

Keywords play a huge role in the success of Amazon SEO because they help you rank higher.

In other words, they give life to your listings.

Look at keywords like the light in the darkness for your struggling listing.

They give your listing the direction and light a pathway to higher sustainable conversions.

The better positioned your keywords, the higher your ranking and ultimately your conversion rate.

The Perfect Copy

The perfect Amazon listing is keyword rich but with a twist.

It must contain 2 main keyword elements:

  1. The main keyword
  2. Long-tail keyword (must contain your main keyword) for example if your main keyword is “soccer ball”, your long-tail keyword should be “swerve and curve youth soccer ball size 5”

Other factors that contribute to a perfect listing copy include:

  • High-resolution images
  • Videos such as stop motion and explainer videos
  • Enhanced brand content (EBC)
  • Price
  • Compliance 

Side note: Implementing your long-tail keywords at the beginning of your title and bullet points is proven to increase your traffic as well as ranking.

This gives you the ability to rank for multiple key phrases at once.

Speaking of killing two birds with one stone.

Amazon SEO vs Conversions 1-on-1

If you want to increase your conversion rate, you have to implement the correct Amazon SEO strategy.

It is a slow but sure process that will outlive any other marketing strategy ever known.

Over the years, we’ve been able to help a plethora of struggling Amazon sellers and companies grow and expand their reach beyond their wildest dreams. 

If you’re looking for a similar fate for your business, you’ll need the best people, priorities, and processes in place so that you can put an end to the wrong turns and dead ends you’ve been facing for years!

Get started by booking an appointment at your earliest convenience here today. See you on the inside!

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