The Online Retailer Amazon is a powerhouse in the world of e-commerce. Amazon is the world’s largest marketplace, with over 9 million sellers worldwide. With 1.9 of these being active on Amazon today (Marketplace Pulse, 2021), it remains one of the most popular ways for smaller businesses to grow their customer base and reach new audiences at a low cost.

Amazon has grown into such a large company that many people are looking to learn how to optimize their product listings for Amazon SEO purposes. There are several Amazon SEO strategies you should be aware of when considering your listing optimization strategy.

Top 5 Best Amazon SEO Strategies

1) Keyword Optimization

Keyword optimization is probably the most important part of your Amazon listing page. When writing your product title, you’ll want to make sure you choose popular keywords among buyers in your niche.

If there are certain keywords that people often type into Amazon when searching for products, then using these words will help improve the rank of your Amazon listing within searches.

In other words, it will place you higher on search results pages and more likely for people to find your item when they search for it online. In addition, you can check out our blog post on the top 5 best Amazon SEO tools to find the best keywords.

2) Proper Title Formatting

The most important part of your Amazon listing page is the title. The title is what people will generally see when they do a search for particular products on Amazon.

This means that it’s essential to ensure that your title is SEO optimized and entices shoppers to click through to your item. In addition, if you optimize this section properly, you’ll also be able to rank higher in Google searches since many users shop from both Amazon and Google.

3) Product Image Optimization

Just like the title, consumers will also immediately see your product images when they’re shopping on Amazon. They generally come through first before any of the text.

You must make the most out of these images to increase the chances for users to click and buy from you.

If there are certain keywords or phrases in your listing keywords that would be appropriate to place in your image file name, then do so! It can help reinforce those words into people’s minds as they browse products.

4) Product Description Optimization

Product descriptions are also crucial for Amazon SEO purposes. The text that you use when writing your product description will show up on the “slim” view of Amazon, which is the narrow column on the right-hand side of the page.

This means that if someone reads your description and wants to purchase from you, they have to click one button! This makes it more likely that people will buy from you because they don’t have to navigate away from your listing page.

Since there is a character limit for this section, make sure you get all of your most important information into it while avoiding fluff or unnecessary words like “that” and “very”. Those won’t help with the Amazon SEO strategies for your listing.

5) Product Reviews

Positive product reviews will also help with your Amazon SEO strategy. When writing reviews, be sure to use keyword phrases that are associated with your niche and products. They should describe how satisfied you were with your purchases and why other people in the same position should also purchase from you.

Remember that an 80% or more approval rating is critical if possible because it shows that most people love what they get when purchasing from you! Also, remember to incentivize users by offering prizes like discounts or coupons to people who leave positive reviews for their purchases.


Using these Amazon SEO strategies will help your products rank higher in both Amazon and Google searches. Use the best keywords for your products and focus on enticing users to buy from you with positive product reviews.

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