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Amazon UK is Turning off Visa in January. Will this affect your Amazon PPC Strategy?

Let’s find out…

A few days ago, Amazon announced that they are turning off Visa credit cards as a checkout option for buyers and sellers in the UK.

Amazon admits its decision, due to take effect on January 19th, 2022, is “inconvenient” for customers but insists it is in their best interest.

On the other hand, Visa whose shares fell 5% on the announcement accuses Amazon of restricting choice.

What does this mean to Customers?

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Millions of shoppers will be unable to make Amazon UK Visa credit card payments next year.

Customers with an active subscription like Amazon prime membership and using Visa credit will be required to update their payment details.

This news has come as a huge inconvenience to many shoppers who are blaming the online retail giant for trying to avoid UK tax fees.

In an email sent to customers, Amazon said they would no longer accept the cards due to the “high fees” that Visa charges for processing transactions.

However, Amazon clarified that no other credit cards or Visa debit cards would be included in the ban.

… Which means non-Visa credit cards, such as Mastercard, Amex, or Eurocard will still be used.

A spokesman for Amazon said “The cost of accepting credit card payments continued to be an obstacle for business to strive especially when it comes to providing the best prices for customers”

Roughly 9 in 10 British shoppers use Amazon, according to Mintel, a research firm and, around 40% use Amazon Prime subscriptions.

In this light of events, Amazon has declined to comment on how many customers will be affected.

Well as you might already know, this is common Amazon behavior as they always take action and ask questions later.

What does this mean to your Amazon PPC Strategy?

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If you rely heavily on your Amazon PPC Strategy, this switch will definitely have a hit on your business.

And because millions of your would-be customers will be affected, your Amazon PPC strategy will also be impacted negatively especially in terms of optimization.

This includes:

  • Adjusting your keywords
  • Targeting & Retargeting
  • Switching to a different avatar
  • Restructuring your inventory…

You might require a full Amazon business revamp to help keep your numbers up!

Additionally, Amazon Private Sellers will incur an enormous 32% drop in revenue, which will create a series of losses for e-Commerce stores in 2022 and beyond, especially those that rely heavily on the Amazon UK market unless you revise your PPC Strategy.

How can Private Label Sellers benefit from this?

Optimizing your Amazon PPC Strategy in these early days can turn out to be a huge opportunity for you!

One major issue with selling on Amazon is the ever-changing rules/policies which are a real pain.

As a seller, this is exactly why you should never rely on one strategy of income flow.

Several e-Commerce stores all over the world will suffer next year because they haven’t expanded their marketing strategy past the Amazon UK market.

At Conversion Study, we can help you cope with this transition and keep your Amazon PPC Strategy and ranking up as we work together to avoid this incoming revenue drop-off from affecting your business.

Our talented team will ensure your business continues to prosper while setting up your account to prevail amidst more unexpected Amazon policies.

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