What Are the Best Tools Providing Buyer Keywords for Amazon

Buyer keywords for Amazon provide information to buyers about what they can expect when shopping for certain items on Amazon.

In this blog post, we have shared the top 6 best tools providing buyer keywords for Amazon. The best tools providing buyer keywords for Amazon are the following.

What Are the Best Tools Providing Buyer Keywords for Amazon?

1. Helium 10

Helium 10 is considered one of the best tools providing buyer keywords for Amazon because it provides keyword suggestions, allows users to see what is trending, and has a range of competitive metrics.

2. Jungle Scout

Though Jungle Scout is considered a product research tool, it provides buyer keywords for Amazon as well. This tool allows users to track their rankings and reviews, as well as see the best sellers rank (BSR) and review count by individual ASIN.

3. Sellics

Sellics is another tool that some consider providing buyer keywords for Amazon. It has a number of features for users to use, including powerful PPC management, automated repricing software, and SEO tracking tools.

4. Keywordtool.io

Keywordtool.io is a tool that provides buyer keywords for Amazon by supplying users with data from Google’s auto-suggest, as well as related terms from the Google search engine.

5. Merchantwords

This tool works by scanning Amazon’s catalog page to see what words they use in their product listings. The next step is to try those same words out on Google Trends as well as other competitive search engines like Bing or Yahoo! This way; you can find out what people are searching for to make sure it matches up with your product’s offering before going ahead and investing time into selling something nobody actually wants.

6. Keyword Inspector

This tool provides a list of relevant, low competition keywords and their average monthly searches and CPC (which can be compared to similar results from other tools). The best part is the top 100 search results are free!


Whether you are selling on Amazon or planning to start soon, having the ability to identify new keywords is beneficial. These tools will allow you to see which options are most popular and where your customers are searching.

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