Conversion Study 7 Day Ranking Challenge – Day 2

Welcome To Day 2!

Key Step Day 2:
hanging our Copy & Compound Keyword Creation

Tools Mentioned In This Lesson:
Helium 10https://helium10.conversionstudy.com 50% Off Your First Month when you use our link!

Cash Cow Prohttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5RfwEMOAF6M FIRST MONTH FREE AFTER WATCHING VIDEO

Merchant Words https://www.merchantwords.com/ Starts at 29/month

Keepahttps://keepa.com/#! – I believe it is $19/month still

Fiverr – Fiverr.com – Great Ecom Videos Starting at $50!

These tools are free to use – Each free tool has its limitations, mostly they will effect your output of quality.

Sonar – https://sellics.com/sonar-amazon-keyword-tool/ – This is a free tool by sellics, it was the first one I used, it is free, but highly hard to find our selected metrics

Keywordsadvantage – https://keywordsadvantage.com/ – Listing editing software with a free trial, you can edit 1 listing at a time for free before you upgrade to a paid account. I would suggest considering Helium 10, however I did use KWA before switching to H10.

Trade Mark Checker – USPTO is the United States Trademark and Patent Office, you can search brands and unknowns here: https://www.uspto.gov/trademarks-application-process/search-trademark-database

Seller App HTML Editor For Descriptions – https://www.sellerapp.com/amazon-product-description-editor.html

I believe these are all the tools that were mentioned, if I failed to include one remind me and I’ll edit this list!

Day 2

Customer Experience Optimization

What we are focusing on is how to stuff and compound keywords while maintaining a good customer experience

This is a much simpler process than harvesting but can give us a headache when it comes to maintaining our copy

And there are 3 steps :
1) Sort Harvest Keywords by Traffic
2) Seek out, Combine Keyword Phrases & Longtail Keywords
3) Maintain Customer Experience

Keeping Your Keywords 100% Relevant

In order to get your product to page 1 for your keywords – you must be vigilant on several factors:

If your keywords on not 100% relevant to your product you will essentially ‘water down’ your traffic – Which can and will lead to:

Reduced Conversions – Ever search for a phone case and see a screen protector? Even if you clicked on it because it was a good deal, you still need a phone case, so you would continue your search. Keep this in mind when ranking, you want the people who click on your product to buy it.
Negative Customer Reviews – If your ranking for a competitors term, and your product offers an alternative type (lets say hiking shoe vs running shoe) – If a customer purchases your running shoe and tries to climb a mountain, they’ll be sad, and so will their review…
De-Indexing – The products that rank for the same keywords that you do, that are more relevant, will receive a higher CTR, if your CTR remains low, you’ll eventually be pushed further down the page, while your not actually going to be de-indexed, the search algorithm will eventually stop showing you on the first page.
NCX Complaints – (When a customer searches for ‘pink socks’ and buys your white socks, because they are colorblind and couldn’t see the difference in shade between pink and white, and their friend tells them they have white socks, not pink – You’ll not only get a negative review, but they’ll let amazon know that they feel your item was not as described. This can and WILL hurt your amazon metrics.

Rank for Keywords That have the lowest amount of competitors

Ranking Quickly Requires us to beat the competition fast –

When we are trying to index quickly the only thing that matters is getting to the top of the page as fast as we can!
So unless we plan on using a large amount of PPC or giveaways to help us rank, we want to make sure that we don’t have to beat EVERYONE in the category, we just need to beat 20-30 other listings that are ranking for these keywords currently.
Low amounts of traffic for an easy to grab keyword may SEEM unappealing, however when you continue to grab up all of these low traffic keywords, you’ll only make your listing stronger, faster!

Prioritize Amazon Choice Tags

Amazon Choice Tags Raise Conversions SUBSTANCIALLY

When you are selecting your keywords prioritize any Amazon Choice Tag that is relevant to your product. Each keyword that you are ranking for that has an amazon choice tag will get special treatment on day 3 of our 7 day process!

Multiple Amazon Choice tags are important!

Often times a product with 1 amazon choice tag doesn’t always show in the search results, this is because sometimes a keyword that we are ranking for is actually geared for outside our chosen product category, this means our choice tag will not display, because there are other choice tags in that category that belong to other keywords, those will display.

For Instance:
Socks are sold in multiple categories, including sporting goods and clothing.

If I have an amazons choice tag for sporting goods, but most of my product searches are in clothing, my amazon choice tag will not display in the search results (It will be displayed if someone clicks the listing, but not in the search results) – Alternatively, if you used the same search term and you were browsing the sporting goods category, the tag would display.

Fixing these we’d also want at least 1 amazon choice tag for the clothing category, this way we can insure an amazon choice tag always displays when someone sees our product in both catagories. (Keep in mind, your product can rank in multiple categories and get multiple tags for each category – these only help your conversions more!)

Look for great opportunities but watch out for trademarks

Misspellings can be a huge win!

Keyword selection for quick ranking is important – Mispellings and backwards keywords (Size 3 Mens Sock vs Mens Sock L) can be great wins for getting our product ranked quickly, however always be on the lookout for a misspelling that is actually a brand name – You’ll see in the video when we did the activity mat, there were many keywords I removed because I knew from my previous research they were branded words –

One thing to remember – If the brand is LeapFrog and you find Leap Frog – You MAY be able to use it, always make sure you check for possible trademarks using the USPTO search site above!

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