Conversion Study 7 Day Ranking Challenge – Day 3

Welcome To Day 3!

Key Step Day 3:
Keyword Phrase Indexing

Tools Mentioned In This Lesson:
Helium 10https://helium10.conversionstudy.com 50% Off Your First Month when you use our link!

Cash Cow Prohttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5RfwEMOAF6M FIRST MONTH FREE AFTER WATCHING VIDEO

Merchant Words https://www.merchantwords.com/ Starts at 29/month

Keepahttps://keepa.com/#! – I believe it is $19/month still

Fiverr – Fiverr.com – Great Ecom Videos Starting at $50!

These tools are free to use – Each free tool has its limitations, mostly they will effect your output of quality.

Sonar – https://sellics.com/sonar-amazon-keyword-tool/ – This is a free tool by sellics, it was the first one I used, it is free, but highly hard to find our selected metrics

Keywordsadvantage – https://keywordsadvantage.com/ – Listing editing software with a free trial, you can edit 1 listing at a time for free before you upgrade to a paid account. I would suggest considering Helium 10, however I did use KWA before switching to H10.

Trade Mark Checker – USPTO is the United States Trademark and Patent Office, you can search brands and unknowns here: https://www.uspto.gov/trademarks-application-process/search-trademark-database

Seller App HTML Editor For Descriptions – https://www.sellerapp.com/amazon-product-description-editor.html

I believe these are all the tools that were mentioned, if I failed to include one remind me and I’ll edit this list!

Day 3

Keyword Phrase Indexing

What we are focusing on is how to stuff and compound keywords while maintaining a good customer experience

This is a much simpler process than harvesting but can give us a headache when it comes to maintaining our copy

And there are 3 steps :
1) Put all USED Keywords from Scribbles into Keyword Tracker
2) Make Sure We’re Indexed For All Tracked Keywords
3) Catch Up Day – Start the process on the rest of your products!

Put all USED Keywords from Scribbles into Keyword Tracker

This step is needed to keep track of your rank improvements

Load your product in scribbles

Grab your tracked keywords under ‘phrases’

Click Copy All Used

Open Keyword Tracker (Analytics / Keyword Tracker)

Click Add New Product

Then Paste in your keywords

Lastly, insert your asin and push ‘Start Tracking’

Make Sure We’re Indexed For All Tracked Keywords

Indexing is required to get on page 1
well, its required to for us to display at all for that keyword

How do we make sure we’re indexed?
If you are not using an indexing tool, like Helium 10 has, then you’ll search each term manually, and make sure your listing appears.

If you are using an indexing verifier, its a very simple process, simply take your used keywords from scribbles
Load The Index Checker (Listing Optimization / Index Checker)
Paste in your Keywords
Paste in your Asin
Start The Check

If you are not indexing for a keyword it will return a “-” If you get that, simply go add those keywords to your listing, or in your keywords tab, wait for your product to update on the market place, and then run the checker again!

Catch Up!

This Process Needs You!

If you have multiple products – Start this process immediately on all of them! You will notice over the next 3-4 days as you are adding more and more products to this process your numbers will start to shoot up! Ride that momentum!

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