Conversion Study 7 Day Ranking Challenge – Day 7

Welcome To Day 7!

Key Step Day 7
Deep Dive Into Keyword Research & Making Your Listing Convert Better!

Tools Mentioned In This Lesson:
Helium 10https://helium10.conversionstudy.com 50% Off Your First Month when you use our link!

Cash Cow Prohttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5RfwEMOAF6M FIRST MONTH FREE AFTER WATCHING VIDEO

Merchant Words https://www.merchantwords.com/ Starts at 29/month

Keepahttps://keepa.com/#! – I believe it is $19/month still

Fiverr – Fiverr.com – Great Ecom Videos Starting at $50!

SEO-ify Software – This will be $20 per month, it is not publicly available however if enough people request it I will make it public. (Comment below about the software)

These tools are free to use – Each free tool has its limitations, mostly they will effect your output of quality.

Sonar – https://sellics.com/sonar-amazon-keyword-tool/ – This is a free tool by sellics, it was the first one I used, it is free, but highly hard to find our selected metrics

Keywordsadvantage – https://keywordsadvantage.com/ – Listing editing software with a free trial, you can edit 1 listing at a time for free before you upgrade to a paid account. I would suggest considering Helium 10, however I did use KWA before switching to H10.

Trade Mark Checker – USPTO is the United States Trademark and Patent Office, you can search brands and unknowns here: https://www.uspto.gov/trademarks-application-process/search-trademark-database

Seller App HTML Editor For Descriptions – https://www.sellerapp.com/amazon-product-description-editor.html

Free Keyword Tool: https://www.Zoof.com – I have not personally used this, I am not familiar with it, it was referenced in the beginning of the video 🙂

Listing Optimization Mentioned In This Lesson: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zpvYPHM2laM – This is out of date from 2018 or 2019 but the information still holds true!

I believe these are all the tools that were mentioned, if I failed to include one remind me and I’ll edit this list!

Day 7

Deep Dive Into Keyword Research

Magnet Research Tool In H10:

Using My Previous tools I would spend 8-15 hours PER OPTIMIZATION just to get the proper keywords and track down possibilities through all the various types of software (Sonar, Merchant Words, etc). I originally switched to Helium 10 JUST for the magnet keyword research tool, it has always given the best results and possibilities, I have yet to run across anything better (And I’m still looking!)

When Searching Terms I don’t just search what I feel is the main keyword –
I search related phrases (Instead of just Vitamin C I also look for alternatives)
Related Products (I’ll search for a brand name of that type of product, and track down relative keywords they get traffic for)
Customer Terms (Wonderfully Fragrant, Light & Fluffy Cream)
Problem Based Searches (Dry Skin, Acne Prone Skin, How to remove pimples, etc)


Selling Better using a Unique Selling Point

Most products sold in todays market have what is considered a USP – Everyone says you must make your product stand out, make it competitive, make it stand apart…

But How?

We start by listening to the customers that review – Even on other products, doesn’t have to be our own –

Read your top 20 competitors reviews
What are the customers using the product for?
What are the majority of the Reviews about?
If your looking at a hair loss product, and the majority of the reviews are about ‘male pattern baldness’ – Consider making that your USP, especially if it seems to be what the majority of the buyers are using it for, you want to appeal to the majority if your main consideration is traffic.

Special Tip: If a customer gives instructions on a routine, or a process that has worked for them, this is always a great thing to add into your product description and informational imagines, other people are looking for that type of information!

Note: If you are having issues coming up with USP’s and Customer issues for your product we do offer an Advanced Copywriting course for Amazon Listings

Of course other products similar to yours sell, but people aren’t just looking for a jump rope, they’re looking for a reason to buy the jump rope. Focus on that reason!

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