Backlinks for Amazon SEO is a question that naturally comes up for most new Amazon sellers. It’s no secret that backlinks are the driving force behind Google Rankings, but what about Amazon? The short answer is you don’t need external links to rank well on Amazon.

Amazon has its own internal search engine, and therefore they can control the results better than Google for Amazon. In this blog post, we will discuss backlinks for Amazon SEO.

What is a backlink for Amazon SEO?

A backlink for Amazon SEO links from an external website that points to your Amazon product listing. The idea is that this link will pass some of the ranking authority to your listing to rank higher in Amazon search results and get more visibility and sales.

Do You Need Backlinks For Amazon SEO

The short answer is that you don’t need backlinks for Amazon SEO. If your listing is well optimized. By “optimized,” we mean a solid title, good images, and bullet points. This will already positively impact rankings in Amazon search results by improving CTR (Click Through Rate).

You might end up wasting time trying to build backlinks for Amazon SEO, as this won’t really have a huge impact if you already have good product listing optimization.

We’ve also seen some interesting research on Amazon SEO recently. It looks like Amazon has tweaked its algorithm to favor internal factors over external backlinks. This is great news for most sellers, as this means you’ll probably get better rankings just by optimizing your listings!

Even worse, if you do build backlinks and use spammy practices to rank well in Google, there’s a chance that Amazon will ban your account. Even with product listing optimization without external links, it’s not difficult to be reasonably successful at ranking high in Amazon search results. Just remember that Google is totally different than Amazon, so don’t try to game the system!

It’s always best to focus on the things you can control, which are your title & bullet points (as well as product images, which are important too).


We hope you have got the answer to the question “Do you need backlinks for Amazon SEO?”. If your product is already well optimized, there’s really no reason to worry about building external links.

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