I spent YEARS in corporate marketing, transitioning from that to consulting small business owners, I’ve learned 1 thing…

All small business owners want is no different than what investors want someone to take care of it all, but many don’t want to pay what its worth this is where the small business owner is different than the investor they want to nickel and dime, and have VA’s do the actual work, then blame the VA when it fails.
Blaming others is not how you’ll reach millions, is it?

So I either have to further convince the business owners that this is the right move, or just sit idly by and watch people slowly and repeatedly fail.

Guess which I prefer?

You might have guessed that I like to convince business owners to use our services, and that is how they’re reach millions on their accounts…


At the end of the day my job is to provide results – I have to do that by SELLING the results I’ve already gotten.

Like this Quarter 4 product launch, reaching 60% conversions…
As you can see, we started off around 18% conversions, and made a few tweaks, and easily hit 57%, this product will be selling 2500+ units per month in January but most ‘guru’s teach not to launch in Q4.


The issue is, some people can’t see past their own limitations, they don’t know how to go for the bigger market because they are scared.

Imagine thinking you can only sell 50 units per month per sku, and not realizing that you can actually compete against brands like nike and adidas on the same scale?

Think of how small your business would always be if you thought of never moving beyond what you think is possible and open yourself up to what you can actually accomplish.

That’s what we’re dealing with, its people with grand visions, that feel small.

So, my question to you, is what is keeping sellers like you from earning Millions on Amazon?

I know we can work past it, and get you where you need to be. The real question is, are you willing to nurture your business as much as it needs to?

Drop me a line, lets have a discussion about your Amazon PPC Strategy and how we can get your business to the next level.

Amazon PPC Strategy