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How Amazon PPC Re-targeting Ads Triples Conversions

Amazon PPC retargeting ads are those campaigns that appear to retarget those people who did not find what they were looking for previously.

If you’ve ever looked for a product on Amazon then a couple of days later suddenly saw that very same product cropping up everywhere in your browser.

Then you’ve got a first-hand experience of Amazon Re-targeting Ads.

Re-targeting is the most powerful sort of PPC advertising on the web.

On Facebook Ads and Google Ads,

It’s not uncommon to possess conversion rates 3x higher or more on re-targeting.

Well, guess what? The longer-term is here.

Amazon has released a retargeting option for Sponsored Products in Seller Central that you simply can manage yourself.

Here’s everything we’ll be covering:

  • What are Amazon Retargeting Ads?
  • Why Remarketing is vital
  • How to find out your own Retargeting Ads
  • What we hope to ascertain from Amazon Retargeting in the future

What Are Amazon PPC Ads?

Retargeted ads are shown to people that have already interacted together with your products or brand in the recent past.

These people have already expressed interest in you and are the foremost likely to convert with a touch of extra push.

Re-targeting increases conversion rates and impressions.

Because it allows Amazon sellers to advertise to third-party websites and apps.

This way your best potential customers can see your products anywhere on the web 

Talk about win-win.

In case you were wondering,

Amazon has been officially calling this feature “Re-marketing” which is synonymous with the more common “Re-targeting” term.

They mean an equivalent thing, just terminology differences.

Amazon PPC Ads

Why Amazon PPC Remarketing Ads Are vital.

With ad retargeting, you’ll now reach customers off of Amazon and build brand awareness more effectively.

So does it really work?

Wordstream tells us we see a rise in conversion rates with a rise in ad impressions.

Typically increasing impressions reduces conversion rates,

But because ad re-targeting shows ads to people already in your funnel,

Also It actually gets you higher quality impressions.

Best of all, Amazon ad retargeting is cost-effective and results in lower ACoS.

However, it’s an excellent option for any seller trying to urge the simplest return out of their PPC campaign.

If you would like more recommendations on the way to lower your ACoS inspect the way to Tell the Difference between an honest and Bad ACoS.

Sponsored Product Ads get even better

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again,

Sponsored Products are very important to driving Amazon conversions.

According to Ad Age, they’re the foremost dominant ad on the marketplace,

Sponsored Products account for the bulk of ad revenue, 88 percent, that Amazon makes from search-based advertising.

How To Create Your Own Amazon PPC Retargeting Ads

To get started, we just found out about a Sponsored Product Ad like normal.

Navigate to the Sponsored Products tab in Amazon Seller Central.

Click “Create campaign” and set your campaign name, budget, and duration.

Immediately you’ll only access Ad Re-targeting through automatic campaigns, 

so select that. If your account is eligible,

You ought to have another check box that says “Re-marketing” appear below the “Automatic Targeting” radio button.

The ads will link to your product detail page.

How your Sponsored Product Ads appear won’t change and therefore the CPC bids will remain equivalent.

Guess what? You’re done!

So from here Amazon will look out for the re-targeting for you.

Recommendation On Amazon Re-targeting Ads?

Amazon’s variety of advertising products still creates a lot of confusion because of the different capabilities of each platform.

So to avoid doing this the wrong way, it is recommended that you use experts at this.

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