Amazon SEO Tools

Amazon SEO tools are basically instruments that are available to the seller to strategically apply in order to rank highly on amazon search results.

Ranking higher in the search results simply means appearing on the first page of the search results of a given category of products.

What Are Amazon SEO Tools?

Amazon SEO tools dictate the process of getting your products to appear higher in Amazon’s search results.

Like traditional SEO, Amazon SEO is all about optimizing your product listing for certain elements, like

  • Keyword Usage
  • Product Title 
  • it’s Features
  • Descriptions
  • Back end Keywords
  • Images
  • Review
  • Pricing Strategy 

Why Are Amazon SEO Tools  Important?

By optimizing your product listings, your products rank higher in search results

As more potential customers can find your listing.

More eyes on your listing can lead to an increase in sales. Not using these tools, 

It means that your products receive fewer views. Leading to fewer products sold.

However according to a 2021 study by conversion study

45% of Amazon consumers do not advance to the second page of search results.

Optimizing your product listings can help you secure a coveted spot on the first page. 

How do Amazon SEO Tools work?

Traditional SEO and Amazon SEO do share similar principles.

Both require some kind of optimization to rank higher.

However, there are a few important differences. 

Unlike Google, Amazon is an e-commerce site; its main goal is to drive sales.

Google’s goal is to provide a good search experience so users come back.

Whereas Amazon ranks products so it can make as many sales as possible in a quick, efficient manner.

To do this, it needs to work differently from Google and other search engines.

And still, Amazon uses different algorithms than the likes of Google


Just like traditional SEO, Amazon SEO is always changing so you will need to stay on top of your Amazon listings on Amazon. 

Keep optimizing and managing the elements of your listing that the Amazon A9 algorithm tracks.

Maintenance will help you appear in the right searches and ultimately drive more traffic

Conversion study has a free call service that will help broaden your spectrum on the best tools to exploit.

On the Call, you will learn how to rank your products on Amazon as a professional Amazon Seller

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