How Does Amazon SEO Work

Amazon has a ranking system that sellers can manipulate to rank higher for specific terms in search results. This process is called Amazon SEO, and it allows you to get more visibility and sales on Amazon without having to spend as much money on advertising or marketing.

In this article, we’ll explore what amazon SEO is all about and learn some tips for getting started with this strategy today!

What is Amazon SEO?

Amazon SEO is a process that sellers use to improve their visibility on Amazon.

We’re given much control over our products and listings and can optimize them as we see fit. For example, you can add keywords to your listing title, modify the bullets and description text.

What’s really awesome is that there are some things you can do with this strategy that will improve your page ranking without even changing any of your product details! This is very much like what Google does. They have thousands of factors for ranking pages, but there are many things you can do to rank well without being #1 in all those categories (such as having lots of backlinks).

On Amazon, rankings are determined by sales velocity and availability in the marketplace.

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How Does Amazon SEO work?

When a customer searches for a product, the Amazon A9 search algorithm looks at these factors to evaluate each of the products on the page:

What keywords does your listing contain? How many reviews has it received? How competitive are those keywords (how many results show up when you search)? What is the price of your product compared to similar products?

This last factor is often overlooked. If you have two similar products with about the same amount of reviews and keyword density, but one is $10 cheaper than the other, then which one would you buy if both were offered at cost? Probably whichever one is least expensive! This isn’t always true but generally speaking, customers will choose something more affordable. 

On top of all that, Amazon will also look at the seller and how many reviews they have. If you start selling many products on Amazon, you’ll probably qualify for their Fulfillment by Amazon program. This enables them to ship you your inventory and handle customer service, so all you need to do is fill orders and ship them out (which is great for sellers). 

Bottom line: make sure your product price is competitive relative to other similar products in the marketplace!

Why should you try Amazon SEO?

There are over 300 million Amazon searches every month. That’s a lot of eyeballs!

Amazon makes it pretty easy to get your product sales. You can make custom changes to your listings and have items be available 24 hours after they’re added to inventory. 

It’s not hard to figure out why some products sell so well on Amazon. Their description is great, the images are high quality, and they’re competitively priced. These products will naturally rank higher because people see them more often (they’ll show up in search results instead of similar but less popular products).

This means when someone interacts with you on Amazon and buys from you, you’ve got a much better chance of getting repeat customers because Google has indexed those pages for your desired search terms.

If you’re already selling on Amazon, why not try and get even more sales? If you can rank your product page higher in the search results (without having to outspend your competitors), then that’s just a good deal for everyone involved!

While Amazon SEO may sound very complex when you read about it, the biggest thing to remember is that it’s simple.

People don’t buy based on their gut feeling or emotions alone. They buy because of facts.

Tips for getting started with amazon SEO:

1. Upload an accurate and optimized product title, bullet description, and image.

2. Make sure your price is competitive!

3. Don’t try to game the system by injecting keywords into your listing and hoping for higher ranks!

4. Optimize your images since they’re the most important part of your listing (and free!).

5. After you’ve optimized your product page, write an article about the topic (make sure it contains your target keywords).

6. Use a site like BuzzSumo or AnswerThePublic to find out what people are interested in learning more about and create content that answers their questions!

7. Promote your article on social media platforms to reach an audience interested in this kind of content (don’t be obnoxious, though!). 

8. Get links from other sites to boost your rankings even further!

9. Email bloggers or influencers with relevant audiences to see if they’d like to share your content with their readers.

10. Measure everything, then improve and repeat!

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The risks of using amazon SEO and how to avoid them:

It’s not as simple as just uploading a listing and hoping for the best. You can do certain things to boost your ranking, but the biggest thing to remember when it comes to Amazon SEO is that there’s no guarantee that your product will rank higher!

Even in the best-case scenario, all this work may not increase sales if you’re selling a bad or outdated product (you’d have better luck making a sale on Facebook!). So it’s important to find out if customers actually want what you’re trying to sell before investing in SEO techniques! That way, you know it’s worth your time.


Amazon’s search engine is better than most people think. They’re trying to figure out how things work so that they can serve their customers better. If you take the time to optimize your product listings and create quality content, then you’ll be rewarded for it in the long run (so don’t go overboard!)

We hope you found our amazon SEO guide useful! If you want us to do Amazon SEO for you, you can check out ConversionStudy Amazon SEO Services to learn more.

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