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According to a recent study by Feedvisor, an up-and-coming eCommerce analytics company, Amazon sellers who maintain high sales velocity are more likely to rank higher on Google searches than those with low sales velocities. This means that if you want your products to show up first in Google results for relevant queries, you need both good SEO and high product turnover.

In this blog post, we will discuss how you can leverage product velocity to optimize your Amazon SEO, ultimately leading to more sales.

What Is Product Velocity?

Product velocity is basically a measurement of the speed at which you sell through your inventory. This includes both short-term spikes in product turnover due to promotions and seasonal fluctuations, as well as overall long-lasting performance in terms of sales volume.

Typically, this statistic is represented in units sold per day because it has been proven that higher sales velocity leads to higher rankings on Google’s first page results.

How Does Sales Velocity Impact Amazon SEO Rankings? 

One important thing to keep in mind about sales velocity and Amazon SEO is that each merchant needs its own definition for what constitutes an acceptable level of sales velocity.

According to research data, the average sale velocity of a typical Amazon Seller is 1-2 units per day. However, this may not be sufficient if you are selling large items that have lower turnover rates.

The main lesson here is that your sales velocity needs to be high enough to keep up with your competition for you to maintain ranking on Google search results pages.

Many factors impact Amazon’s SEO. However, one of the most important is your sales velocity. It has been proven that to rank well on Google; you need to maintain a high enough sales velocity. In addition, you also need excellent product content to get rankings for relevant search terms.

Product rankings are based upon several factors, including:

  • Sales Velocity
  • Product Content (keyword density, readability, title, description)
  • Keyword Rankings in Title and Subtitle Tags
  • Product Reviews

One way to increase your chances at gaining higher ranking product listings is always to give your products an edge above the competition by increasing your average number of daily sales per product.


If your sales velocity is low, it will be more difficult to compete with other sellers who already have a strong presence. This is simply because having a high sales velocity means that you are selling through inventory faster, which ultimately increases overall revenue.

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