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SEO is a game of patience and playing the long game. If you want immediate results, SEO might not be for you. Building a successful Amazon-based business takes time and dedication, but the payoff can be amazing.

Today we’ll talk about how much time it takes to do meaningful SEO work on your Amazon products and listings, which will lead to more organic sales later on down the road.

How Much Time Does Amazon SEO Take?

Amazon SEO is a long-term process that will continue to pay dividends as your products start ranking for keywords and terms that drive meaningful Amazon traffic your way.

If you were to hire an SEO expert, would they spend a few hours per week on your Amazon product listings and campaigns, or is that unrealistic?

The answer is: it depends.

Here are some factors that will determine how much time an Amazon SEO specialist or agency should be spending on your company’s products:

  • How many keywords do the product rank for already?
  • Do keywords have enough volume? If not, can we add sufficient volume with another keyword in one of our existing lists?
  • What is the number of words and characters in the title and bullets, and does this meet best conversion practices?
  • Is there listing copywriting in place already, which makes sense for conversions and ranking better than if left up to Amazon’s system?
  • Are there images on the product detail page which are good quality and optimized for conversions?
  • What is the number of competitors, how strong are they, and their volume of sales on Amazon?

There’s no way to give a blanket answer like “SEO will take 5 hours per week” because each company’s situation is different. However, the more you can tell an SEO specialist about your specific business, the better advice they’ll be able to offer you.

Why does Amazon SEO take a long time?

There are several reasons why Amazon SEO can take a long time. For one, you need to build up authority over time for your product listings and brands before ranking keywords become meaningful.

You also want to make sure that the keywords you choose aren’t already getting cut by Amazon’s search engine, which is done automatically (and without much warning).

Amazon isn’t like Google, where if you target enough long-tail keywords, all of those smaller terms will be added up into one main keyword or phrase, which will ultimately drive more traffic to your site than just focusing on one large term alone.


You should definitely spend time on Amazon SEO to get results in a long-term fashion. You can generate amazing results if you follow some basic Amazon SEO Strategies.

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