Is Amazon SEO worth it? Is it worth spending time trying to rank your listings naturally as compared to paid advertising which offers much quicker results?

Well, there are many that claim that SEO as a whole is ‘dead’

But before we jump to any conclusions, let us dive into this letter to learn a few things about Amazon SEO that you probably knew but had overlooked.

What is Amazon SEO?

Amazon SEO is not what many claim it to be.

It is not a magical button that when pushed will make it rain instantly.

Amazon SEO is a dynamic practical science that requires an expert who understands the algorithm, which includes:

  • Patterns
  • Trends
  • Opportunities
  • Potential dangers

What is the goal of SEO in Amazon?

Amazon SEO is what sends organic, non-paid traffic to your product page.

When your SEO strategy is on point, your sales will go up.

That is the ultimate goal of Amazon SEO.

Amazon SEO services trigger the algorithm in your favor which in turn drives organic traffic to your listings, ranking you highly on Amazon searches.

Customer experience is an increasingly important ranking factor in Amazon.

Your product copy needs to fulfil both relevance and performance to satisfy customer experience.

Your listing needs to be able to handle customers and funnel them to a sale.

No relevance? No keywords. No amount of products is going to get you any sales.

Is Amazon SEO better than Paid Traffic?

Well, it depends.

Some people say that quicker traffic is better traffic.

Other ecommerce sellers consider the quality of the traffic as better. Furthermore, many ecommerce sellers consider the cheapest traffic as the better option.

Nonetheless, Amazon SEO unlike Googles’ is anything but slow.

It can take you months to rank on google for your primary keyword but not on Amazon.

If you check all the requirements to rank competitively on Amazon, you can rank on the first page within a week.

Amazon SEO delivers a higher-quality visitor compared to PPC

And not only that.

SEO in Amazon leaves a long lasting effect on your listings as they can always be optimized to continue ranking steadily.

Besides, people don’t really trust ads.

Ad-blindness is real and ever so growing because people are truly fed up with ads.

You can’t even go to your local supermarket without being lied to about what you’re buying.

How many times has your pizza actually looked like the picture on the drive-through menu?


I personally will happily scroll past ads to see organic results.

The same can be said for over 70% of online searchers because organic results convey more trust than sponsored ads.

So if you can position yourself on the top half of the table, you will dine with kings.

So, is Amazon SEO worth it?

Well in this instance, your conversion rate will be higher from an organic visitor than a paid one.

Therefore if the standard of your customers is vital and you would like to convey a far better sense of trust, then yes, SEO is worth it.

SEO in Amazon delivers a less expensive customer than PPC

PPC stands for “Pay per Click” meaning you pay for each and every click.

When someone sees your Amazon PPC ad on Facebook, Instagram, Google, or LinkedIn, and they click on it, you pay.

On the contrary, Amazon SEO services are not based on the premise of clicks.

Once your listing is ranking on the first page of Amazon, you will begin receiving organic clicks on your products.

The beauty is, you don’t pay for any of these clicks!

If you’re currently spending $5000 per month on paid advertising, an SEO strategy can eventually allow you to spend less on ads and begin getting “free” clicks via organic search results.

So, in this case, do you think SEO is worth it?

Are you looking to lower the cost-per-acquisition of your leads?

If so, then YES, SEO is worth it.

How much does Amazon SEO cost?

Let’s first get the thought of SEO as a whole being a “cost” out of your mind.

In ecommerce, SEO in Amazon is an investment in your business.

You’re building an asset by developing your Amazon business which will last as long as your company lasts.

So every dollar that is placed into an SEO campaign will deliver results that persist with your company.

On the opposite hand, paid ads (PPC) can gain leads faster, but will instantly disappear once you stop throwing dollars at it.

Now since SEO is an investment, how much should you invest in it?

Well, the amount is going to vary from agency to agency, and from industry to industry.

Typically, you should expect to pay $300-$500 for a local SEO service agency.

For a multi-location, full SEO takeover, you’ll see recommendations range from $1000-$5000 per month.

The Amazon SEO investment that’s right for you will depend on what your goals are, what the lifetime value of your customers is, and the way you’re currently spending your marketing budget.

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We love to understand your business model and establish a partnership that will last for decades.

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