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Conversion Study Amazon SEO Strategy 2023. We’ve expanded our  Amazon SEO Service to include Amazon Live Ranking, and Video Ranking for our partners that qualify, stay tuned for more in 2023!

There is no doubt that organic traffic is hands down better than any paid traffic you can ever get. Mostly, because it converts 🙂 But moreover, its because with the right amazon SEO strategy you can REALLY push your listings to the top of not only amazon, but google!

You read it right, we’ve been one step ahead of most small businesses on amazon product seo because we know…


We’re told that selling on Amazon is pretty easy when we first into it. Just find the right keywords and find products you know you can beat, and list them, right?

And then it gets harder.

Then there is PPC..
.. Then inventory fees..
Storage limits..
Buy box issues…
…hazmat? What?
…But its not a facemask…

Yup – Its a lot more complicated than just listing a product and selling it better than someone else.

So what happens to most sellers on amazon, is exactly what happens to most small businesses on amazon, they turn all their focus, which was on the customer experience. To just being able to maintain their daily sales on Amazon by dealing with issues and day to day business.

We often forget, that not only are we selling on amazon, we’re competing against others. So now we have to put on a marketing hat too, and figure out how to convert better, so we get to put more money in our pockets, am I right???

So what is Amazon SEO

SEO = Search Engine Optimization
Amazon SEO = Search Engine Optimization on Amazon (When you type in the product name you want in the amazon search bar)

Its important to have your listings properly optimized so your products can show up and rank for these keywords. The higher your ranking, the more traffic you get, the more traffic you get, the more products you will ultimately sell.



Before we go any further, Conversion Study does offer a Free Listing Optimization Guide & offers a $7 course on Ranking Organically For your Keywords in 7 Days

If you have the time and energy, getting started on the above two lessons will be a good introduction to Amazon SEO best practices!

How do you structure your Amazon Product SEO?

Fantastic Question! So the core of what we are building is actually on GOOGLE, not Amazon 🙂 

WHOA – I know – I Confused you… Don’t worry, I’ll explain.

While each good optimization starts on the product page level. (Editing and optimizing your listings ON amazon) The most of the optimization we can do for your product is OFF amazon.

Off Amazon SEO Optimization

You see, we’ve found all the shortcuts to getting ranked on Amazon, and many other sellers think they have too, right? Everyone has heard of ranking faster with rebates – It does work, it is expensive, and you can do it within TOS (Most people don’t, rebates for reviews is not complaint!)

So for us, the shortcut was much easier than that, with so many marketing professionals on our team we have lots of sales experience that is NOT on amazon. Because of that, we know that while Amazon holds most US retail sales online, it is NOT the most popularly searched site.

Google, is still beating Amazon, Youtube is also super popular, and there are hundreds of other search engines that are still noteworthy as well.

How We’re Getting More Traffic

Our job, our focus, is to get your products, services, and company ranked for all of the important keywords on (and off) amazon. This helps you push your organic ranking ON amazon, as well as help build your companies off amazon presence.

What this means is we write up a sales page for your product. We highlight everything that your amazon listing highlights. We optimize it for other search engines. Through the publishing of problem solving articles. We’ll continue to get that sales page ranked through google and all the other sites.

Have video content? We also help you get your videos ranked on youtube as well!

How does Off Amazon Seo Optimization Make Me Money?

It won’t, not by itself! Your off amazon and on amazon optimizations will work together to drive interested traffic into your amazon listings. We also collect customer data BEFORE we send them to Amazon. This way you can help control the customer flow. Its also great to remarket and retarget to your customers!

Driving Targeted Traffic from Google to Amazon will boost your rank for your targeted keywords. This give you an organic boost on Amazon. That helps not only get you into the 1st position. But helps you retain the traffic and sales velocity needed to maintain that rank.

Have you ever ran into a competitor that it seems you should be beating in ranking? But, somehow they are just crushing you? Its not always rebates they are using. Its quite often organic traffic based on off amazon optimizations!

Amazon PPC Strategy overview by Conversion Study

Conversion Study Amazon SEO Service & Management

What You Get:
Amazon SEO Optimization – Fully Managed Processes

Conversion Study Amazon SEO Strategy – On Amazon Optimization, Off Amazon Optimization & Article Marketing explained in Detail

Amazon SEM – Not all ad structure is alike, we’ll use our marketing consultants who focus purely on raising amazon seo conversion rates. Since most people searching on google are looking for solutions to a problem. We have to write articles to solve problems 🙂 This is how we create a standing relationship with your customers.

Amazon SEO Launch Strategy – You need it, we’ve got it! Launching several products & need a way to push traffic non stop? We can help you rank quickly!
*Additional Fees May Apply on some launch strategies*

Amazon SEO Services – Each month you’ll get a rundown of your SEO Traffic. You’ll also receive the SEO Keyword Research.  In addition to these you’ll get an updated list every month of exact targeted keywords that have proven to be honeypots! (a honeypot is a keyword that returns 5 to 1 or better on your investment)

Small Business Package (Unlimited Skus)

Campaigns setup by Conversion Study are monitored 24/7. The primary focus of our team is expanding your reach. Using your KPI’s we’ll adjust our strategies to give you the best possible outcome. Please note that most campaigns take on average 3-6 months to optimize depending on size of the daily budget.

Fully Managed SEO Services
Full Time Contact Person
24/7 Account Monitoring
Monthly Strategy & Updates
Monthly Accounting Reports

All for just $1500 Per Month + Profit Share!


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