Facebook Ads Management For Amazon Sellers


Facebook PPC For Small Business (Under 60k/Month)


Facebook PPC Management Agency Services for small businesses (Up to 60k in revenue per month)

Ultimate Facebook PPC Strategy 2021 – We’ve expanded our  Facebook PPC Management services to include Amazon Live, and Video Retargeting for our customers that qualify, stay tuned for more in 2021!

With over $1m spent per minute

Seriously, how can you expand your business faster using PPC? So – Facebook PPC Campaigns are where all the bread and butter lies for ‘low hanging fruit’. Our Facebook PPC Experts will fully manage your account and tweak your account for the best long term strategy possible!

With thousands of campaigns created and millions upon millions of impressions each day, we know exactly what it will take to bring your account to the next level! When it comes to PPC management, we’ve got you covered from A to Z. PPC Management can be HARD So our job is to make the process seamless for you, so all you have to worry about is inventory and listing optimization! (we help with that too if you need it!)

Selling off Amazon and utilizing PPC has been a nightmare for many sellers, but worry no more, fully managed services will take the stress off you, and allow you to focus on growth!

How do you structure your Facebook PPC Campaigns?

For each company we work with the process is slightly different, marketing products have subtle variations, and while the process changes for each one, we follow the same type of framework that is briefly outlined in this image:

Facebook Account Manager


Conversion Study Facebook PPC Account Management

What You Get:
Facebook PPC Management – Fully Managed Processes

Conversion Study Facebook PPC Strategy – Most suggest 3 campaigns, but typically 4 to 6 campaigns per product get the best results. We’ll go over all the forms of targeting that your company can capitalize on to bring in additional profits.

Facebook PPC Ads – Not all ad structure is alike, we’ll use our ppc consultants who focus purely on raising ppc conversion rates. But high conversion rates aren’t enough so we structure solid copywriting. This helps bring in additional traffic you didn’t know you were missing!

Facebook PPC Launch Strategy – You need it, we’ve got it! Launching several products & need a way to push organic google traffic non stop? We can help you rank quickly!
*Additional Fees May Apply on some launch strategies*

Facebook PPC Services – Each month you’ll get a rundown of your PPC Conversion Rate. You’ll also receive the PPC Keyword Research.  In addition to these you’ll get an updated list every month of exact targeted niches/keywords that have proven to be honeypots! (a honeypot is a keyword that returns 5 to 1 or better on your investment)

Small Business Package (Covers Up to 60k monthly revenue)

Campaigns setup by Conversion Study are monitored 24/7. The primary focus of our team is expanding your reach, using your KPI’s we’ll adjust our strategies to give you the best possible outcome. Please note that most campaigns take on average 3-6 months to optimize depending on size of the daily budget.

Fully Managed PPC Services
Full Time Contact Person
24/7 Account Monitoring
Weekly Strategy & Updates
Monthly Accounting Reports

All for just $1500 Per Month!
*Pricing does not reflect ad spend or additional +2 to 7% Net Profit Margins

$1500/ month, No Commitment cancel anytime  Get Started
3 Months @ $4250: Get Started
6 Months @ $8000: Get Started
1 Year @15k: Get Started
3 Years @50k : Get Started
( 3 Years Includes direct response marketing / manychat setup & 5% Margin Cap vs 7%)