Real Estate Leads for Wholesaling

Real Estate Loans Positive Cash Flow for Flippers and Wholesalers

…to cover Advertising startup costs (Or other necessary items for your business)

Lets face it – We all need some positive cash flow….

One of the most common needs is startup capital for lead generation (Who wants to spend hours driving for dollars?!) So what I wanted to do was find a reasonable resource for people to utilize that will help them bring in either money for advertising, or enough funds to cover a cheap flip.

Advertisings Loan For Flippers and Wholesalers

Loans aren’t typically given just for this purpose, most of the time they are given as personal finance loans or small business loans. Keep that in mind when you are applying, also take into consideration for marketing how much you will need for the months to come.

In most areas for flippers and wholesalers starting out we suggest a monthly advertising budget of $1200 – $2500 per month, this would be on top of any management fees you would be paying to the company generating your leads for you – Keep in mind it only takes 1 deal to make 5x your investment per month, during the first few months it may take awhile to get your first deal so its important to plan ahead!

You can of course reach out to traditional lenders for this types of loans – However if you have exhausted those resources, or you feel your credit might be a tad bit shaky, I did find an alternative.

This is a company that will use your information to pair you with a suitable match that will work in your area –

24/7 Installment Loan Marketing Loan for Flippers / Wholesalers

How does it work?

With a Personal Loan you are allowed to repay the loan in scheduled payments that are generally equal in amount (last payment may vary slightly). If you have an active checking account, direct deposit and an income, you can be approved within a few minutes. The money is electronically transferred to and repaid from your bank account on certain dates you have agreed. This allows you the flexibility to deal with marketing budgets, filling in quick funding on a deal  or other financial needs.


Once you have applied, schedule your discovery call with Steffan & Conversion Study so we can get you started on flipping / wholesaling!

Its important we come up with a game plan right away and plan how you invest your marketing budget – Deals grow over time, so its important we plan every dollar and don’t burn the budget!

—> Get Started <—

If you have used 24/7 Installment Loans via this process or in the past we would love it if you would contact us or leave a comment about a 24/7 Installment Loan Review –

I look forward to hearing from you!

Steffan Redhawk – CEO Conversion Study
Conversion Study Lead Generation for Real Estate

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