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Sales velocity Amazon increase cannot be achieved without a defined product ranking strategy.

Otherwise, it’s just like watching paint dry.

It’s a waste of time.

If you want to achieve a sales velocity Amazon increase, you need to understand this simple product ranking strategy.


Yes, Amazon loves products that convert.

But before we get into why this is important

What is Conversion Rate?

In a competitive Amazon marketplace, it is vital to keep your customers engaged and get them to buy what you sell.

This is called a conversion.

So conversion rate is the percentage of visitors who land on your product page and complete the desired action, usually a purchase.

If your conversion rate is high, Amazon will show your products to more and more people.

This might not be as appealing but that’s just how it works.

Amazon only deals with sellers who bring in money. 

When you make money, they make money.

Meaning if you do not bring in money (sell more products) the algorithm will automatically ghost your products.

And this will negatively affect your sales velocity as well as ranking.

Sales Velocity Amazon A9 Algorithm

The conversion rate of your listings highly depends on two important metrics.

That is relevancy and popularity.

However, these can be broken down into multiple factors that contribute to your sales velocity Amazon increase as well as the product ranking:

They include:

  • Sales from internal links
  • Sales from external links
  • Impressions
  • Click-through rate
  • Seller authority
  • PPC sales
  • Organic sales

Honing in these factors within your listings can amount to a flawless product ranking strategy.

Remember, Higher conversions = Higher ranking.

And the faster your conversion rate, the faster the ranking speed.

Inventory vs Conversions

Inventory management plays a huge role when it comes to conversions.

In fact, without inventory, you can never rank. That’s simple logic, right?

Well, a lot of sellers do not realize just how influential inventory management is towards making or breaking your conversion rate.

Here’s how:

Amazon Prime

Some buyers need fast delivery.

That is why they sign up for Amazon Prime membership even though it costs them a few extra bucks.

Amazon gives high priority to prime members.

So if your products are enrolled in this arrangement, Amazon will rank your listings higher, naturally or organically.

Guess what qualifies your products into the Amazon Prime membership arrangement?


If you have enough inventory to fulfill hundreds of Prime member orders, your conversion and sales velocity Amazon increase will shoot through the roof.

Conversion Rate

In more simpler terms, your conversion rate is less bounce rate and high click-through rate which leads to more sales.

Products with a conversion rate of 25% and above are considered great products and are well optimized to convert because they trigger all the focused keywords.

And the A9 algorithm knows this as well.

So by default, it will push your listings to rank organically for your top keywords.


The more positive reviews you get on your listings, the happier the A9 algorithm is in promoting your products for free.

If your product is indeed good (solves a known problem), encouraging your customers to leave a positive review after making a purchase should be pretty easy.

After all, they love your product and would gladly oblige.

Other buyers just leave a positive review nonetheless.

The Flawless Product Ranking Strategy

At Conversion Study, we’ve worked on hundreds of both new and old listings for several clients.

The #1 factor we’ve realized that contributes to a flawless product ranking strategy and sales velocity on Amazon is your Conversion Rate.

Our team of talented researchers has mastered a sales velocity Amazon increase strategy that converts brand new listings at 25% (sometimes more) right out the gate.

For older listings, our weekly optimization hacks are known to push products to the first page within 7 days!

Meaning you can rank your products in a very short time period with our defined sales velocity Amazon strategy that boosts your profits.

Book a call (it’s FREE) and let us discuss how your sales velocity Amazon increase can be honed in your listings with our flawless product ranking strategy.

The Growth of your Amazon business is just a call away

See you on the inside

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