Wondering how to sell more with Amazon SEO?

In this letter is everything you need to become a successful seller on Amazon.

Just like any other search engine, Amazon’s got one as well.

The difference between Amazon and with other search engines like Google is that people who search on Amazon are more likely to buy than those on Google.

This is a very crucial point to note if you’re planning to sell on Amazon.

Understanding Amazon’s algorithm as well as the SEO that goes along with it can be an absolute gold mine to say the least.

So in this letter, let us learn exactly how to sell more with Amazon SEO.

Getting Started with Amazon SEO

If you’re just starting out on Amazon, you need to understand Amazon SEO.

The better you understand Amazon SEO and implement it in your business, the stronger your foundation will be.

Amazon SEO enables you to rank higher on Amazon’s search results.

In every field of business, there’s always competition.

Some more than others.

Nonetheless, you need to compete steadily in every way if you want to succeed in business.

The beauty about SEO is that it helps you rank steadily and compete with the big boys for free.

Imagine ranking on the first page of returned search results for your primary keyword and competing with sponsored ads.


This is the spot every Amazon seller dreams of.

And it’s not that difficult to get there.

How Amazon SEO Works

Amazon SEO works based on keyword optimization.

How well have you set up keywords in your listing?

Here are the key sections to fully utilize the power of keywords:

  • Product title
  • Bullet points
  • Description
  • Search terms
  • Images

If your listing is filled with relevant keywords throughout the above sections, then you’re most definitely destined for the first page of Amazon.

Being on the first page of Amazon is important because over 40% of shoppers click on the first featured products and about 75% of shoppers never go to the second page of search results.

So how exactly do you rank number one on Amazon?

4 Key Factors that Affect Amazon SEO Rankings

4 Key Factors that Affect Amazon SEO Rankings

Remember, to rank number one for free, you need to nail Amazon SEO to the tee.

Let’s analyze the factors that affect Amazon’s rankings as well as SEO.

1. Stock Count

If your stock is low or has run out completely, you might want to add to it as soon as possible.

Amazon will either remove your listing or rank it as low as possible such that people never find it.

2. Relevancy

The most important factor when ranking based on Amazon SEO is relevancy.

How well is your product title, description and copy relevant to matched keywords typed in by the user?

The more relevant your copy is, the better the click through rate (CTR).

Hence Amazon will show your listing to more people, significantly increasing your ranking power and conversion rate.

3. Product Price

If you’re just starting out, you need to set a reasonable price.

Your competition has probably been selling on Amazon way longer than you so you need to have a fairly healthy price point.

The main focus of Amazon is that they want to offer shoppers the best products at a reasonable price, to keep everyone happy.

However if your product is extremely great, a monopoly, has a wow factor or advanced features that your competition doesn’t have, then a high price is justifiable.

This can also be said for products with extremely high reviews and ratings.

4. Sales Velocity

Sales velocity refers to how fast your product is selling.

If your product is selling fast, this will trigger the A9 algorithm and your Amazon SEO will shoot through the roof.

As your conversion rate goes higher, your ranking will improve drastically because Amazon loves to show items that are selling like hot cake.

Since Amazon is also a business itself, their ultimate goal is to maximize revenue per customer (RPC). 

Therefore, they’ll keep recommending products that are selling the best, because that represents the most earning opportunity for them.

How to Increase your Sales Velocity?

Here are a few things that are guaranteed to work:

Background Information & User Guide

Adding additional background information in your Amazon listing will help increase your sales velocity.

Background information can include things like hidden features and wow factors that highly persuade the customer to consider making a purchase of a rather impressive product at first glance.

Usually this kind of information is overlooked by most sellers.

But if you do this right, it’ll give you an extra edge over your competition.

For example, if you’re selling beauty products such as a retinol serum, background information for this can include answered questions for:

  • What percentage of retinol?
  • Can it reverse aging?
  • Prevent hair loss?
  • Is it compatible with other additional serums?
  • Side effects?

When you answer these kinds of questions, your listing will be clearer and make more sense to the customer which will increase your conversion rate.

Similarly, user guides help the customer have a better understanding of how, where and when to apply, in this example, the retinol serum.

Such details might seem minor but highly significant when it comes to good customer experience and influence on bounce rates.


Use beautiful and high quality images in your listings.

The recommended image quality for Amazon is 1000×1000 pixels which helps with the zoom effect.

You will be surprised at how fast customers click on images especially when they’re really willing to buy.

Include images with white backgrounds and showcase people actually using the product.

The more appealing your images are, the better your click through rate (CTR) will become.

Bullet Points

Bullet points are one of the most important aspects of Amazon SEO.

Your bullet points should thoroughly explain what your product does, how unique and special it is and most importantly why the customer should actually buy it.

Crafting well written bullet points with relevant keywords can lavishly increase your ranking position from zero to a hundred within a few days.

Tips to Enhance Amazon Bullet Points

  • Use short but detailed bullets
  • Focus on your primary keyword
  • Use lots of long-tail keywords
  • Use the customer language in your copy
  • Add relevant emojis. For some reason, customers really love them
  • Avoid overusing your brand name especially if it’s not a keyword, to give space for more keywords

Enhanced Amazon Brand Content

The Amazon brand content highlights the climax of your listing.

It is when you modify the description area of your listing to make it stand out more as the customer scrolls.

It might sound obvious but can have a huge impact on a customer’s psychology.

Enhance brand content features:

  • More images
  • More description
  • More keywords
  • Even a brand/company storyline

Improve Your Amazon Descriptions

Amazon descriptions can have a huge impact on your ranking power.

Avoid raw, clumsy descriptions that you’re customers won’t even bother to read.

And unfortunately, a lot of sellers do not even care to take a second look at their product description.

The best way to improve your Amazon descriptions is by using the Amazon HTML product description editor.

How it works:

  • Copy and paste your product description into the editor
  • The editor will automatically convert your description into html code
  • Copy the code and paste it into your Amazon product description

This HTML editor allows you to organize your description better, which makes it easy for the customer to read through.

Encourage Product Reviews

Product reviews improve social proof.

Customers trust reviews and it’s the first place they always go before purchasing.

So the higher your ratings on product reviews, not only does your conversion sky-rocket but you ranking shoots up too.

Follow up customers who’ve bought your products and kindly ask them to leave an honest review.

This is a chance for you to find out whether they liked the product or not.

In case they didn’t, you can offer them a replacement or a refund.

By doing this, you void them leaving a negative review on your products which could affect your ranking and conversions.

Additionally you could:

  • Offer a money-back guarantee 
  • Email your current customers with a discount code on their next purchase
  • Extend your product warranty by 1 or more extra years


Amazon is arguably the best place for any seller to kickstart their ecommerce business.

Optimisation, relevancy and the performance of your products is all that matters to succeed.

And of course not forgetting Amazon SEO. We love us a little SEO!

Getting there is all about getting started.

That is why we want to help you get started today.

If you want to nail Amazon SEO and rank higher than you’ve ever done before, we can help you get there within days.

Is your Amazon listing struggling to convert?

Store with so many errors:

  • Negative reviews
  • Poor images
  • Irrelevant copy
  • Keyword deficient

Your amazon store needs help?

Or you’re simply to busy to do all the daily or weekly optimization…

At Conversion Study, we take care of your Amazon listings.

We are here to help drive your business to the right direction especially when it comes to Amazon SEO.

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