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How Does Amazon SEO Work?

The ultimate goal of Amazon SEO is to enable customers find your products with ease.

When done right, specific keywords relevant to your product page expose your business to more costumes, increasing your conversion rate.

Therefore you want your product page to as relevant as the shoppers’ keywords injected into Amazon’s search bar.

So by being in the top half of the ranking order, you are swimming in SEO waters since shoppers hardly visit the second or third page of the search results.

Amazon SEO works in the following areas of your product page.

  • Your Product Title
  • Your Product Description
  • Your Product Bullet Points
  • Your Product Images
  • Your Backend Keywords

Don’t worry; we’ll get into these in detail in a bit.

Each of these areas is as important as the next and should be highly saturated with relevant keywords that appeal to your customers.

Your copy should also be highly persuasive to turn a potential customer into an actual one.

Amazon SEO Product Listing Optimization

Before you list your products, you need to understand your potential customers.

You need to know the following:

  • What are shoppers searching (what keywords are they typing in to find my products?)
  • What products have they tried that are similar to mine?
  • What are their pain points, and how best can I address those?

The customer is the most critical aspect of the business.

After all, they are the reason you’re selling your products in the first place.

If you can get into their minds and offer them quality solutions to their pain points, then you’re in business.

That is how Amazon SEO comes into play.

Amazon SEO product listing optimization encompasses both your product’s relevance and performance in the customer’s eyes such that you can rank highly for free.

How to Rank Higher Using Amazon SEO

To rank higher using Amazon SEO, you need to optimize everything.

From titles to keywords to images, everything needs to be in line with SEO in the most detailed manner.

Keyword Optimization

Without keywords, shoppers will not find your products.

You need to do detailed keyword research to find out what customers are searching for on Amazon regarding your products.

This is by far the best starting point if you want to rank higher using Amazon SEO.

Autocomplete Hack

This is not really a hack.

You’ve probably done this before, knowingly or unknowingly.

When you search for anything on Amazon or even Google, just before you push ‘Enter’, you can see many suggestions below on the search bar.

These are free keywords typed in by other people (potential customers) searching for things.

So if you type in a keyword that you are familiar with (one that you think is connected to your product), you can use the suggested keywords and use them when building your listing.

This is a free method that you can use to boost your Amazon SEO without breaking a sweat.

Competitors Keywords

Your competitors have probably been around way longer than you have.

So you want to lean towards the things that are already working.

Enter a primary keyword for your product and then look at the top five results for other products similar to yours.

Every time you do this, you find more keywords that will enable you to be competitive.

Make Use of Customer Reviews

Customer reviews open a gateway into the shopper’s mind.

The information you get in these reviews is second to none.

Research top reviews (positive and negative) of your competitor’s products.

Customer reviews enable you to:

  • View where the customer’s satisfaction lays
  • Learn the customers’ language and use it in your listings
  • Understand where the customer’s pain points are and how you can be a solution

Optimize Your Product Titles for Amazon SEO

A Product title is the starting point and the most crucial aspect when building out your Amazon SEO.

Take it as a subject line when writing a super important email to your boss.

Not only should it have a catchy title, but it should also be packed with the most relevant keywords to your product.

Make use of long-tail keywords mixed up with the benefits and features of your product.

However, do not overuse keywords in your title. It may be hard for you to compose a readable sentence, and it may give out spammy vibes to customers.

Keep your product title between 80 to 200 characters for ultimate optimization.

Optimize Your Bullet Points for Amazon SEO 

Remember, it’s all about relevance when it comes to your listing copy.

The Amazon algorithm will analyze your bullet points to check relevance.

So you want your bullet points to be on point and highly relevant to your customers.

Write out keyword-rich bullet points naturally with creativity and with the most descriptive words and phrases to drive the customer home.

Highlight the benefits and features of your product, including size, color, dimensions, and even ingredients.

Keep each of your bullet points to a maximum of 200 characters for ultimate optimization. 

Optimize Your Main Description for Amazon SEO

The description section is just as important as the rest of your listing.

A serious buyer is going to read 90% of everything on your product page.

Therefore you want your main description to be just as keyword-rich as your bullet points.

In most cases, your main desciption is a mirror of your bullet points.

Get the main parts of your bullet points and mix them up with a few more keywords to compose a detailed and persuasive description section to entice the customer to make a purchase.

Make use of the most relevant keywords, including a few backend keywords in your description, to trigger your Amazon SEO.

Optimize Your Backend Keywords for Amazon SEO

Let’s face it; some shoppers misspell keywords when searching for your products.

I do it all the time.

And these are keywords that I love to call ‘opportunities’

You can use them as your backend keywords.

They include:

  • Brand misspellings 
  • Keyword misspellings
  • Grammatically wrong search terms, words, or phrases

Avoid using backend keywords in your copy, but you can sneak in a couple in your description and bullet points if there’s one that is hard to spot.

Optimize Your Product Images for Amazon SEO 

If your images are high quality and meet the standards that Amazon wants (1000 x 1000 pixels), then your listing will perform better.

Customers love images, especially if they’re interested in purchasing the product in check.

The longer a customer spends viewing your images, the higher the chances they will buy.

And the A9 Amazon algorithm will also detect how long customers are spending on your page, hence boosting your discoverability.

Your Amazon SEO will shoot through the roof because of this, and your ranking will surge.

Rank Higher with Your Amazon SEO Expert

As you can see, Amazon SEO consists of a lot of optimization, tweaks, tips, and even tricks that you must implement every day if you want to raise to the top.

And if you can master the keyword game, you have mastered Amazon SEO.

Conversion Study is not just the master of the keyword game; we are an Amazon SEO expert company that has been in business for over 20 years.

We believe in passion, business, and succeeding.

If you share the same belief, we can help your Amazon SEO shoot through the roof.

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