selling on amazon 2 Things Keeping you from Beating your Competition

Though challenging, getting started selling on Amazon is pretty easy.

No standing in line, no waiting. You can even get started today.

However, you’ve probably heard how harsh the competition is on Amazon.

Well admittedly, it is indeed ferocious.

That is why

You Need to Know your Competition

You need to know how they operate, how they rank, list, and quadruple their earnings.

For example, huge brands killing it on Amazon are selling between 5-10 different variations of the same listing.

What does this mean?

They are not leaving money on the table like most 90%+ sellers are doing.

Time and time again in calls, forums, and exchanged emails, I’m constantly hearing Amazon sellers talking about their competition;

  • “They have 38,000 reviews!”
  • “But all their reviews have videos!”
  • “They’re sending me negative reviews…”
  • “There are already too many to choose from”
  • “I can’t beat those prices”

If you’re selling on Amazon, let’s be real here, you’ve thought some, if not all of those things yourself, right?

Well, today we’re going to talk about how selling on Amazon got 2 things that are keeping you from beating your competition;

#1: How to Compete

Like I mentioned 5 seconds into this letter, Selling on Amazon is indeed competitive. 

But do you know what isn’t?

Figuring out how to compete. 

Most Amazon sellers panic at the thought of competition.

This is because they do not know how to beat it.

They do not know how to compete.

If you are just starting out and selling for example ‘shoe inserts’

The best way to sell your shoe inserts is to do what 90% aren’t.

And that is weekly listing optimization and keyword research/tweaking.

While most sellers are throwing keywords around hoping they stick, you should focus on researching razor-sharp & highly targeted keywords.

These are keywords that take hours to find and because of that, they are overlooked.

These include:

  • Long-tail keywords
  • Short-tail keywords
  • Amazon choice keywords (our favorite)
  • Brand misspellings, etc…

#2: Over-saturation

Just like the fear of competition, most sellers almost end up quitting because of ”over-saturation”

Yes, there are millions of products selling on Amazon and probably a whole lot are competing with yours.

To overcome this issue, you need to know how to rank your products correctly.

And this comes down to how you conduct your keyword research and how to optimize keywords on Amazon.

By targeting the low-hanging fruit, you are utilizing the best affordable way to rank in an over-saturated marketplace.

The low hanging fruit includes little keyword optimization tweaks such as:

  • keywords in images (Image SEO)
  • keywords with less than 200 competing products
  • longtail keywords with high magnet scores
  • keywords with misspellings

Speaking of the low-hanging fruit…

Selling on Amazon with the best Low-hanging Fruit Opportunities

At Conversion Study, we love selling on Amazon with plenty of low-hanging fruit opportunities.


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We’ve helped several businesses to not only have firm control over their margins but expand their reach above and beyond in a competitive environment!

We want to help you get over this “competition” huddle & get to the other side with minimum effort.

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See you on the inside.

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