Amazon SEO 7 Day Challenge New or Old Products 7 Days to page 1!

What’s in the Guide & What’s Next?

4 Key Steps We Will Cover In This 7 Day Ranking Guide
Harvesting Easy To Rank For Keywords * Keyword Stuffing For Super Fast Ranking * Index Check for Success * Tracking Keywords & Tags

What’s Next?

Hey, guys, thank you so much for signing up and getting our free listing optimization guide if you did not get the email that I sent you. There is a link above.
Just in case you didn’t get the email;

I’d like you to go into your email provider and select [email protected] as a safe sender. This is going to ensure that you’re going to continue to get the rest of our emails because they’re going to be important to helping you expand your Amazon account. – This is also my personal email, if you ever have a problem, please don’t hesitate to use it.

Now, the next thing, what you’re going to learn in the PDF that you’re downloading right now, so you’re going to learn how to:

optimize your title
bullet points

…to be more in line with what Amazon shoppers are looking for.

Now, this is going to help you rank better organically because your keywords, the keywords that you’re actually focusing on, which you probably aren’t doing now, the keywords that you focus on after you optimize your listing, your listings are going to be more targeted towards your buyers.

So that’s what you’re going to learn in the guide.

What comes after that is what we’re doing right here:

So that’s what you’re going to learn in the guide. What comes after that is what we’re doing right here. I’m going to teach you how to take the product that you just got the guide for.

1) We’re going to take this product to the first page of Amazon in the next seven days.

It’s a complicated process.

And there are four steps, four key steps that you’re going to have to remember.

1) Listing Optimization (This is partially what the guide will help with!)
2) Customer Experience Optimization
3) Keyword Phrase Indexing
4) PPC for SEO Optimization

Now, what I’m going to do along with you is I’m going to do four products so you can see the difference is that I do on each of those four products, so you can kind of get a feel of how it’s going to work best for you.

Now during this process, I need you to make a commitment, OK?

Much like you, I’ve sold on Amazon, I’ve seen the ins and outs and I’ve looked for a lot of answers, a lot of resources and everything else. So before we even get started, I need you to make a commitment to yourself, to your business, to your company, to your family and to me. I need you to make a commitment that says you’re going to follow this guide for the next seven days.

You’re going to get these products listed on page one on Amazon in the next seven days. Now, this process takes between an hour and an hour and a half per listing per day.

That is not too much of a commitment for me to ask for it.

That is not too much of a commitment for you to give.

I need you to give me an hour and a half for the next seven days. And I need you to put your money where your mouth is.

I’m going to charge you for the next seven days. My typical day rate is almost fourteen hundred dollars per hour. So over the next seven days, you’re going to owe me roughly $9800 and some change.

I’m kidding. Oh, my goodness. No, man. Have you seen the videos with the guys that are like that? And then they’re like, oh, I’m also going to give you access to my Facebook group.

And that’s a 500 dollar value.

And then there’s what else do they give you? They give you these knockoff templates and they’re like, oh, this is worth $2500. No, none of that B.S. I just want you to open up your wallet and commit to this financially.

It’s a whopping seven dollars.
That’s a seven bucks for seven days – you spend more than that on wasted amazon traffic!
I figure that’s a fair deal for everybody.

And I’m going to walk you through exactly what you need to do to get your product to page one in the next seven days.

Now, before we get started, there’s a little comment section below.

I want you to leave a little message on why you’re buying this, why you’re investing the seven dollars, why you’re committing to yourself, because we’re going to continue to follow up with you every single day and every day. I want you to comment on these videos, on this process, on all the educational material that you’re going to get every single day. I want to know what you learned, what you implemented and how you can see this helping your business in the future.

All right! Are you guys ready?

It’s just seven bucks. It’s Down Below. Click it.

We’re going to go to the next page.

I’m going to see you over there and we’re going to get started today.

All right. Block out the next hour and a half, guys.
We’re going to get busy.
See You On The Inside!

Questions & Answers

Do I need to spend a ton of money on PPC to get ranked?

No, while a PPC launch is briefly covered in this challenge, there is no need to spend on PPC to rank using this method

Is this good for existing listings AND new listings?

This process is used on both NEW and EXSISTING listings

Do I need to buy extra tools?

If you have a way to harvest keywords, index your listings and keep track of your ranking, absolutely not!
If you do not have this ability, we offer both premium and low cost alternatives in the challenge

I see in the examples small amounts of traffic, why is that?

We wanted to take an unranked product and rank it to the first page in less than 7 days, you will obtain sales using this strategy, but if your goal is to get to the top of search with 40k searches, it will most likely take more than 7 days (but you can get there using this challenge!)

How much experience is needed?

You’ll have to know how to make and edit a listing

Is this method only for Private Label?

I focus on private label, this method will work for wholesalers who have agreements and are able to edit listings, it will not work for RA or wholesalers without the ability to change a listing.

How do I know for sure if I’m private label?

If you own a brand, or have products created to put your own UPCs on them to sell, you are a private label seller.

Does this work ONLY on the US market place?

No, it will work on any marketplace, but keep in mind I focus on the US, so all of our examples will be US marketplace.

Question Not Covered? Email [email protected](Dot)com & I’ll add it!

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