Top 3 Listing Optimization Hacks | Amazon SEO High-Speed Ranking

In terms of Amazon SEO product ranking speed, Conversions are the highest contributing factor to ranking for keywords quickly. 

The higher your conversion rate, the faster your listings will rank.

In the past, we’ve seen that the conversion rate is the flawless product ranking strategy for sales velocity increase.

However, in order to boost your conversion rate, you’ll need these

Top 3 Listing Optimization Hacks for High Speed Amazon SEO Ranking

1. Optimize your traffic

Traffic is literally the actual source of your sales. 

Not only does it boost your Amazon SEO, but traffic optimization also speeds up ranking for both low & highly converting keywords.

How can you speed up ranking by traffic?

Running outside traffic to Amazon

This includes:

  • Traffic from google
  • Your own webpages
  • Facebook
  • Traffic from YouTube and shoutouts from other social media outlets

This is by far the oldest ranking and most effective trick in the book. 

Increasing your outside traffic flow to your listings can increase your organic conversions, giving your listings more ranking power

2. Optimize your images

There are many ways to optimize your images for Amazon SEO.

But, not many actually help you rank faster. 

Defining the truest converting element of your images is through understanding and implementing Image SEO. 

Image SEO is the process of embedding highly converting keywords within your images. 

The algorithm catches this sweet anomaly and ranks your listings faster because of the richness in relevancy. 

Image SEO can increase conversions by as much as 2% and help rank increase for long-tail keywords.

3. Optimize your keywords

Keywords are the engine that drives your listing. 

Those that bring you the most sales are keywords that drive conversions and not just traffic.

You want keywords with two main characteristics:

  • High search volumes
  • Low competing products but highly relevant to your products

Such are turbo boosted keywords…

Opportunity keywords that help rank your products on page 1 in as little as 7 days!

Keyword Misspellings!

Customers make plenty of spelling errors while typing keywords.

You can make use of these keyword misspellings in the back end of your listings to speed up your ranking.

Amazon SEO to the Top of Product Rankings

Amazon SEO to the Top of Product Rankings

At the end of the day, you want to sell more than anything.

And as you’ve learned today, your listing optimization must be on point if you want to rank higher and sell more.

Your Conversion rate, Click-Through-Rate, Images, and key customer language play a huge role in boosting your Amazon SEO.

It all comes down to listing optimization mastery.

Learn how you can implement high-level listing optimization hacks for high-speed ranking with minimum by booking a call today (it’s Free)

Remember, If you want to master SEO in 2022 (and beyond), you need to become a Conversion Rate Jedi.

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