Want to master Amazon SEO to better your market?

Well, you’re just in time.

Amazon is the world’s most prominent Ecommerce market place, and as a seller, this is a place you want to be.

That being said, how do you stand out from underneath the other 15 million products being sold on Amazon?

Well, the most straightforward answer here is by selling better through Amazon SEO.

This is because Amazon isn’t just an e-commerce marketplace.

Like Google, Bing, and other search engines, Amazon is also designed as a search engine with its own algorithm called A9.

What is Amazon SEO?

As mentioned earlier, Amazon is more than just a place to sell stuff.

It is a place that is well organized and planned for with its unique search engine.

And if you do a great job understanding this search engine, you can quickly become a successful seller on Amazon.

Long story short, there are SEO techniques that you can use on your products to make them rank higher than your competition.

These techniques are what we call Amazon SEO moves.

When a shopper wants to buy something online, they go to Amazon and type in a keyword.

The Amazon Algorithm is triggered and returns the most relevant results for the shopper.

And because the algorithm is so good 9/10 times, it will show the shopper exactly what they are looking for on the very first attempt… on the first page!

As a seller, on this first page is where you want your items to be.

That is what you can use Amazon SEO for.

How To Use Amazon SEO Keywords

Amazon SEO keywords are search terms that shoppers use when they want to buy an item on Amazon.

And as a seller, you want to know these search terms shoppers are typing in.

If you’re ignorant about the search terms:

  • Shoppers won’t find your products
  • Your conversion rate and sales plummet
  • Your ranking steadily drops 

The best way to use Amazon keywords is to understand the mindset of the shopper.

How do you do this? By understanding that customers want specific things.

For example, you’re selling “skincare products” “Skincare Products” is an Amazon keyword.

When you use this keyword, it might be hard to rank on the first page simply because it is really comprehensive.

Customers want specific things.

Chances are, they want more than just skincare products.

Maybe they want a retinol serum, or an under-eye gel, or a breast enhancement cream.

This is where you need to be as specific as you can.

Keyword research is vital if you want Amazon SEO to work right by you.

The most accessible place to start is Amazon’s search bar because, just like Google Autocomplete, Amazon’s algorithm can also give you suggestions of what shoppers are searching.

So when you type in “skincare products,” you’re going to see a whole bunch of keyword suggestions predicted or auto-completed by Amazon.

These are other keywords that shoppers are typing in, and guess what?

You can use these keywords in your Amazon SEO campaigns.

The more relevant your keywords are, the more chances shoppers will find your products.

Therefore learning how to use Amazon SEO keywords is no room for debate.

Once you know how to use them, you expand your business reach and potentially increase sales.

What Not to Do With Amazon SEO

There is what they call “black hat” methods when it comes to Amazon SEO.

Don’t worry, I’m not referring to computer hackers…

Anyway, sort of since it’s all manipulation.

Black hat Amazon SEO is a method sellers use to try and manipulate their SEO rankings using unethical tactics.

They include:

  • Paying for positive reviews (usually fake reviews) 
  • Paying people to leave negative reviews on competitor’s products
  • Overstuffing keywords in listings that end up looking like spam

These tactics can sure work, but for a while.

But if found out, you could lose your entire business on Amazon and even face the law because black hat tactics violate Amazon’s Guidelines and Terms of Service.

If you want to be in this business legitimately and on for the long haul, it’s best to use appropriate Amazon SEO methods, and as days go by, you will surely be suceessful.

Where to Use Amazon SEO Keywords

When you use Amazon SEO keywords right, you boost the shopper’s experience on your product page and click-through rate (CTR)

CTR is when a customer stays longer on your page to click through and make a purchase.

The longer shoppers stay on your pages, Amazon assumes that they are loving what they’re seeing there.

The outcomes?

Your discoverability increases and your products are shown more in Amazon SERPs.

Here’s what you need to optimize to increase your CTR:

Your Product Title

You’ll need the most relevant keywords in your product title. 

If you’re selling a breast enhancement cream, make sure “breast enhancement” is in the title.

And don’t forget to summarize the description of your product.

Your Backend Keywords

These are “hidden” keywords that would rather not go on your listing.

You put these Amazon SEO keywords on the backend of your seller’s account as you create your listing.

They include:

  • Keyword misspellings
  • Keyword variation and key phrases

Even though shoppers type in varitaons and misspellings of your target keyword, you still want them to find your products.

Remember, never leave money on the table.

Therefore you want to plug in as many of Amazon SEO backend keywords as you can.

Typically you can plug in up to as many as 250, so use them wisely.

Your Bullet Points

Bullet points should be able to convince the shopper to make a purchase.

If they can’t then they’ll bounce off and you’ll lose customers and this will decrease your conversion rate.

Typically you can use upto five bullet points.

Use as many relevant keywords in give details about your product including:

  • What your product solves
  • Key features of your product
  • What size, color, how to use
  • Ingredients

Your Product description

This is where your Amazon SEO skills come in handy.

Here, you compose a catchy and persuausve copy SEO rich with relevant keywords giving out all information about your product and attemtig to make te shopper make a purchase.

Bonus Tip: Make Research

I’m not talking about keyword research here but researching your competitors. 

See how they write their listings especially their bullet points and description and use that knowledge to incorporate in your listings.

How do you Get Amazon SEO Keywords?

If you’re ready to start building your Amazon listing, you might be wondering how to get Amazon SEO keywords.

Here’s what I recommend.

Keyword Research Tools

Keyword research tools do all the dog work for you. 

They provie you with several variations of keywords and what search terms and phrases customers are typing in.

One single keyword can be broken down into hundreds of other similar keywords and phrases.

This give you a vast strand of ideas and areas to focus depending on the metrics

Helium10 one of my favourte. It’s user-friendly with a free version as well that can help you started right away. You could also check out Keyword Tool for Amazon or Ubersuggest.

Amazon Search Bar

Just like Google’s search bar, Amazon’s search bar can give you a list of suggestions when you type in your main keyword.

You can note down these Amazon SEO keyword suggestions and use them in your campaigns.

Get Help from an Amazon SEO Expert

It’s one thing understanding Amazon keywords and Amazon SEO and it’s another implementing the actually skill.

If you want to be a successful e-commerce seller on Amazon, you need all the tools you can get a hold of.

And that includes a team of Amazon SEO experts at your beck and call to help you with advanced SEO techniques and little known tactics that guarantee your products rank higher than your competition.

At Conversion Study, help your products perform better and well optimized for SEO and make sales for as long as you want.

Want us to take care of your Amazon business for the rest of the year?

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