Why is Learning Amazon SEO Important?

Learning Amazon SEO is an important thing to do if a person wants to sell products on Amazon.

Learning Amazon SEO is a great way to get your products noticed on the world’s largest eCommerce platform. It can help you rank higher in search results, increase sales and grow your business.

In this post, we will discuss why learning Amazon SEO is important and the different factors influencing it.

Why is Learning Amazon SEO important?

1. When someone searches for something on Amazon, they will typically see 5 or so results from organic search listings before being shown any ads from Sponsored Brands or other sellers. This is because Amazon requires product pages to have a high relevancy score to gain visibility for keywords and earn potential buyer clicks. This takes time, just like every other SEO tactic!

Learning how to rank quickly for your most profitable keywords can help you beat out even big companies that have optimized their PPC campaigns through years of practice.

2. Increasing your sales ranking position can drastically decrease the amount of money it takes to sell a product. This is because Amazon calculates sales ranking using a combination of both the price and the number of units sold to determine where your item appears in search results, so pricing lower can have an immediate impact on your sales ranking!

3. The faster you rank for profitable keywords, the faster you get paid! Amazon pays out its sellers every 14 days via direct deposit without deducting any fees or commissions, so the sooner you earn a better sales rank, the more money you’ll make over time by selling more units per month.

4. The first page of Amazon’s search results typically captures about 55% of organic clicks, so ranking high at the top of page 1 can greatly increase visibility and sales over time.

5. Product reviews are incredibly important for increasing conversion rates and lowering returns on Amazon. Many people base their purchases off of average star ratings left by other customers, which gives you a better opportunity to appeal to future buyers!

6. By learning how product titles, images, bullet points, and descriptions affect your rankings and conversions (and how UX factors like bounce rate and time-on-site play a role as well), you can learn what works best for your niche and build optimized listings that continue well over time even if the market changes.


Learning Amazon SEO is important because it helps you get found when people search for specific products. It also helps you rank higher in competitive niches, increase your visibility, drive more sales and create optimized listings that generate long-term benefits. As a result, learning Amazon SEO will help grow your business by boosting brand awareness among potential buyers and converting them into customers.

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